GTA 5 Mod Lets You Play Pokemon in the Game


With the insane popularity that Pokemon Go is enjoying right now everywhere in the world, the news of a Pokemon mod for GTA 5 shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but it still does. I mean, OK, I can understand that you can basically twist any type of game as a mod in basically any game out there, but this was still unexpected. And, strangely, fun because the twisted version of Pokemon that you can play in Grand Theft Auto 5 thanks to this mod makes Pokemon (Go) as GTA as possible – if that makes any sense.

You gotta catch ’em all in this mod, but you don’t get to keep them or fight other trainers. All you can do is to throw Pokeballs at unsuspecting passers-by and collect them inside the ball. Which, soon after, explodes into oblivion and magically releases the frightened person you have just collected back into the wild. And you can do this over and over again without any particular reason.

Well, crazier things were even more successful (see Goat Simulator) so I’d say “why not” to a Pokemon mod in GTA V, even though I wouldn’t mind actually seeing some real Pokemon stuff, or at least something that’s as close to reality as possible. But until then, we’ll have to take this and enjoy it:

If this sounds fun, you can download the mod here. Apparently, you can even have the poor souls you have collected inside your Pokeballs fight on your side!

FiveM Modders Banned From The GTA V Community

NTAuthority, TheDeadlyDutchi, and Qaisjp – three of the main modders behind  the FiveM mod for the Grand Theft Auto V – which allowed for modding dedicated servers – have been banned from GTA V’s social page, Rockstar Social.

At first it was unclear why they had been banned, but it’s theorized that the reason behind all of this is that their mod does not simply modify the GTA V Campaign – like all mods have to – but is strictly dedicated for the GTA Online port of the game, which obviously goes against the rules dictated by Rockstar.

Because of the lare amount of people asking why these 3 modders have been banned, Rockstar came to public on this matter and explained:

“The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy. Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended.”

It’s currently unknown whether or not their bans will be permanent, but Qaisjp said that he will try to get in touch with the studio in order to clear this situation. He also said that players will not get banned for using the FiveM mod as much they don’t use it on the Online mode.

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Is GTA V Overhyped? Or the Story of Why I Think It’s Not a Perfect Game


Before I start this article, I want to make something clear – Rockstar is one of the best developers working today and not once did they release a bad product! No matter what genre they tackle: action, open-world or detective adventure, they always deliver polished and meticulously crafted games. And even considering all the dreadful things I am about to say, GTA V is still fun, it’s well optimized, beautifully looking and provides good bang for your buck. But only if you take into consideration all that is about to be acknowledged!

Let’s begin with something that Rockstar absolutely nailed this time around – the three playable protagonists: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. In previous installments, and especially in GTA 4, you played as a presumably good people, which got incredibly incongruous by the end, when you have killed half of population of the city you were currently in. Or if during any of those hours you went on rampage and mowed down hundreds of police officers, who were merely responding to a threat and had to open fire when you refused to cooperate. GTA V all of the main cast and lso the side-characters are complete narcissistic, money-driven and irredeemable bastards. You are not supposed to sympathise with them, but rather to see the reflection of all humanities worst sins: pride, lust, anger, you name it, they not only exhibit these qualities, but also show the player where choosing such path can lead. At one point there is an exchange between Michael and Franklin, and the latter outright says that robbing, stealing and killing are the only work that has ever paid off for him and it’s the only work that he can do!

gta 5 overhyped 2

That’s not to say that Rockstar has made them completely unsympathetic or we would never care about the story – all three main guys, although still criminals, but operate under a code and are loyal, at least, to each other, and sometimes show signs of innocence in their dialogue and actions. And, surprisingly, Trevor is the one who gets most of such moments, keeping in mind that he is the most mental out of the trio, showing remorse for his actions and outright love to others, very peculiar, but love nonetheless! Although it must be noted that Franklin is written somewhat weaker out of three of them and at times comes off as whiny rather than struggling. But even with that in mind, this iteration of GTA finally achieves the complete feeling of connectivity between your actions as a player and your actions as a protagonist of this story, and never once will you feel disconnected from anything going on screen.

But it also shines a big spotlight on one of the main problems I have with the game – lack of focus or central mechanic. While the characters are fun to watch interact and progress through the world, there is no overarching goal. You just do stuff, sometimes absolutely random at that. One that sticks out the most is where you take control over a docking crane, and have to manually attach, detach and stack containers in the port. Or another where an entire mission consists of pursuing a member of a rival gang, which in return you think would escalate into an exciting shootout or fast-paced car chase, but instead you follow the guy in a mini-van, then you play a game of hide and seek with the gangster, opening carriage doors and switching the view between Franklin and your pet dog Chop, which is as interesting as it sounds, only amounts to staring through poor animals eyes without the ability to control it, and then you let the perpetrator go. That’s it, end of story.

And missions like that are ubiquitous throughout the entire campaign. That’s not to say that there is no fun to be had here. “Hood Safari” is perhaps the best example of GTA V at its best, during which Trevor and Franklin engage into an all-out firefight on streets of Los Santos. Bullets flying, cops and criminals are getting shot, and, of course, it all ends with a high-speed police chase, during which you have to shake of the tail. This is my idea of fun! Playing a mission where you do yoga 10 hours into the game is not only baffling to me as a gamer, but also as a character that would expect things to escalate at that point.

gta 5 overhyped 3

This lack of focus is only third of the problem. Another third is the fact that half of the content is locked to GTA Online or as I like to call it GTA Loading. Much touted heists truly shine in the multiplayer, because in the campaign there are only 6 of them and all are heavily scripted, while in GTA Online you can approach each one from a different angle and with far greater variety! Stealing jets, stealth mission’s with night-vision goggles – sounds un, doesn’t it? There are even some characters that you can only meet in GTA Online that you couldn’t in the main story! I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to restrict half the content to the online. Who thought that subtracting additional heists, the main “theme” of the game I remind you, would in somehow benefit a primarily single-player oriented series? Well you can only do most of them online and not in campaign, which, ironically, would add a lot of value to the game and somewhat soften the blow done by the unfocused nature and the driving.

gta 5 overhyped 4

Which brings me to my last problem – driving. Again, I don’t know who on the development team decided to make the cars handle this arcade, but he deserves a vicious spanking by the biggest rafting paddle you can find! In GTA V the cars and motorbikes are incredibly sensitive, which is especially noticeable when using mouse and keyboard, and because of that feel more like toys. You can no longer perform stylish brake-turns like you did in GTA 4, now they make a turn the instant you push the directional arrows or WASD left or right without the sense of weight and reaction-time! And that’s not even considering the airplane or helicopter handling whom, contrary to the twitchy nature of land-vehicles, control extremely rigid and stiff, which completely ruins the sense of immersion, because entering any vehicle becomes an exercise in annoyance and frustration. Why did they do that?! Rockstar has already mastered it in the previous installment, but for some reason decided to take a giant step back and make it less fun just to cater to the arcade crowd!

With all that said, GTA V is still fun to play. The gunplay works crazy well with responsive, although not perfect cover mechanics, meaty-sounding weapons and wide variety of ordnance to choose from. The open-world feels truly alive and vibrant, more so than in any previous installments, with unparalleled attention to detail: the pedestrians exchange little lines of dialogue and will react to your every action, there is finally wildlife in this universe and if you just stand still the world will continue living on. That is a mark of an excelled world design – one that you can actually imagine existing even when you turn your console or PC off! The attention to detail in general is mind blowing, ranging from main characters interactions and noticing each other changes in appearances, to small graphical quips, such as the light from your phone screen reflecting on your characters face whenever he calls someone or just simply browses through its content!

Speaking of graphics, I played a little of GTA V when it came out on consoles, but found it ridiculously lacking both on Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of textures and sometimes overwhelming amount of pop-ins. It did look a lot better on the current-gen, but, as no surprise, the PC-version is the definitive one. Deeper textures, better draw distance, not to mention 4K resolution (if you can support it) and it’s all complemented by running at 60FPS which when cranked up to ultra-settings is a sight to behold! It’s also well optimized with a wide variety of settings to choose from and in the end serves as a perfect coating to the game’s at times stumbling gameplay.

gta 5 overhyped 5

GTA V is not a bad game, but not a perfect one either. For every step forward, like the aforementioned characters and world design, the franchise takes there are two steps back, like driving and lack of overall focus that just cannot be dismissed. If you can ignore inept car, motorcycle, helicopter and plain control, and a lack of overall structure than what you have on hand is a beautifully realized and interestingly written time-sink.  No more, no less. And if time-sink is all what you are looking for than GTA V will suffice. But my heart is broken. I am no longer excited for the future of this franchise, because people bought it, they bought it a lot and no one seems to have any of the problems that I just listed. Perhaps it’s because of 2 years of anticipation or the overall hype that surrounds the game, I’ll never know. But maybe by writing this article I can get people to reevaluate their opinion and look at Grand Theft Auto V from a different perspective? Because in the end, sometimes perspective is the only thing that counts in this twisted and, from time to time, incomprehensible world of outlooks on what makes a game fun.

A Day in the Life of GTA Online


It is a struggle… I mean have you ever really thought about how difficult your character’s life is in GTA Online? I mean sure, you get this grand luxury apartment near the Vinewood Hills, a plethora of high end super cars and the sharpest suits money can buy, but did you ever stop to think about the little tasks and trials you had to go through to get there?

You wake up already standing up, fully clothed in the middle of your apartment, probably just woken from passing out from the previous night’s questionable behavior and illegal consumables. You wake up every morning not knowing what the hell just happened, that’s either an amazing feeling or a psychologically draining groundhog effect.

Real Estate

So you’re waiting for your buddies to get online and do the same so you can get amped and ready for some new heists, what do you do? I think I’ll go buy some new threads… Okay, so you head down to your garage, get in your Elegancy RH8 because you were too cheap to buy anything other than the free one so you souped it up to make you feel better about yourself. You get down to Ponsonboys, knocking down five lampposts and three pedestrians on the way because you’re still a little too drunk.

You park up diagonally on the curb and some dude backs off dropping his sandwich then immediately forgets that you almost ran him over and continues going about his day. You can’t apologize and have a conversation with the guy, he just blocks you out, the only way to get attention from people is by doing something bad and that’s what encourages you to carry out this criminal lifestyle that you’ve grown accustom to. Your character needs therapy but he can’t talk to people so then you realize just how bad this guy/girl has it.

Anyway you walk into the store where the pretentious lady behind the counter tells you that you look like a bum, but you can’t do anything about it. She can take the stress of her crappy 9-5 day job out on you but you can’t say two words back to her because you’re a mute. After grinding your teeth and flicking through some railings you find something you like, but then you have to put it on in a reverse fashion where you put your suit vest on before you can add a tie and so forth. All you wanted to do was wear a full black suit because you just saw the movie John Wick and you thought it’d be cool to look like that. You start getting mad for you character: this is ridiculous, I can’t wear a watch with my new suit? I gotta wear some stupid t-shirt with ‘Original Gangster’ plastered across the front? No screw this, I’m out. You storm out in your awesome suit, it’s still not good enough, you’re cursing under your breath when you reach your car and all of a sudden you hear and few bleeps and BOOM, car explodes. You go flying across the street, face slamming into the sidewalk and some guy in a Pegassi Zentoro in a monkey smoking a cigar mask drives away with little to no explanation or reasoning for their actions.

Blow up

You’re having the worst day already and you haven’t even had breakfast yet, despite the fact your diet is restricted to (probably steroid induced) EgoChasers and P’s & Q’s. Anyway, you re-spawn a few blocks away, no idea how you got there when you see the monkey guy speed past and head onto the highway. You think: Oh yeah? You’re just gonna do that and drive away? No. Revenge gets the better of you, you’re completely blind to the fact that your buddies have now joined the lobby and are ready to have some fun, but no, screw that, revenge sounds bitter sweet right about now and your moral compass has been tossed out the window because of the people around you. You debate calling Mors Mutual Insurance and your Mechanic but that’ll take too long. ‘Johnny on the spot’ never parks it up in front of you, it’s always a block away, maybe that’s his little way of hinting that you don’t pay him enough but in your defense that’s your reasoning for his salary, whatever, you hate the guy. It would take too long and the guy who ruined your day will be up in Sandy Shores before you know it, so you break the law, steal a car, why not? You drag a soccer mom out of her Dilettante and you tail the guy.

Cate Blocked

You’re pelting it down the highway, the guy comes up on your mini-map, he’s just stopped at a mod-shop, the anticipation is killing you. You wait and wait, the second he comes out you fantasize ways of getting your own back on him. You start flicking through your weapon wheel, getting excited, which one shall I use today? You see his car spawn, this is it, you can’t wait, you fire an RPG right at the guy and it explodes… but nothing happens.

It is then that you realize he’s still in that flashy ‘can’t touch this’ spawn mode and he’s already driven away before you can load your next rocket. Now by this point you can either go after him and get him, leading to a three star wanted level and several police cars and helicopters on you. It gets ugly, your friends start getting involved, strangers dive in, everybody shoots one another and the whole thing is a mess. OR… on the other hand you do something most of us do and won’t admit. You take it out on Los Santos. I’ve usually got my guy pacing around, kicking in my own car windows, smacking the hood with a baseball bat till smoke starts seeping out from under it. There’s a construction worker sitting on the wall eating his lunch, you push him off, that’s the way it goes. Your friends come along, try to get things going, “Come on man, let’s go do some heists.”

Civs Fight

You head back to your apartment, somehow its already dark out and you open a lobby for The Prison Break. You’re not particularly excited, your buddies are all amped up, all they’ve done is hop online and jumped into the lobby, no stress, they don’t know what you’ve been through, your character’s a little jealous to be perfectly honest. You end up waiting for the last guy for over ten minutes, Rhianna’s Only Girl In The World is driving you mad in the background, you can’t take it.

Rob store

When the guy finally joins you go ahead and go through the set up missions. Things start getting back to the way they should be, you’re doing good, having a great time, things are on the up and up. Anyway you get to the Heist Finale, you’ve had to restart a few times because the guys posing as a prison guard and prisoner can’t handle the heat, but you’re patient. So you do it, you guys get out of there, you think: This is it, we’re gonna make it!

You get to that last parachute dive out the plane, land on the beach with another buddy and everyone questions where the third guy is? Your buddy in the chopper points him out, he’s doing circles, showing off on his way down, when all of a sudden the wind picks up a little, guy goes slamming into a rock and dies, mission failed.


You’re speechless, you don’t know how to act. You’ve now become a mute just like you’re GTA Online character, you toss your controller pathetically a few inches away. One of the guys leaves in a burst of rage, nobody can get a hold of him, God knows what he’s doing so you do the only thing you can do, you quit. You turn off the console, but you know what the funny thing is? The next evening approaches and you repeat the entire thing all over again. That right there is a day in the life of GTA Online.

Why We Love the ‘Heist’ Genre


It’s been said time and time again but it’s true, we as gamers love to play the bad guy. In terms of a movie premise, you could say that as the bad guy, you win every fight except the last one, maybe it’s so fun that we don’t care what happens at the end of it all? Maybe it’s just that we’re tagging along for the thrill of the ride?

Of course, as in all negative media attention, video games that highlight the robbery genre have been accused of glorifying a life of crime, but I prefer to think of it as an escape or release. Several games that take on this theme of criminal activity seem to borrow heavily from classic Hollywood motion pictures of the past, a perfect example of this would be the Grand Theft Auto V‘s ‘Blitz’ Heist which depicts heavy influence and shares similarities to Michael Mann’s Heat (1995) that are just uncanny. Although both highly exhilarating and enjoyable to observe, the difference with video games is that we as a player have the opportunity to take control of something that is so out there and (hopefully) completely out of our comfort zone.

Many of the cinematic aspects to these heist movies seem to also translate well in video game experiences. Take Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for example, although the game suffered from clunky controls, it displayed a dark story with intricate characters, none of which were simply black and white but more a blend of shaded grey that revealed deeper layers into their background as you progressed through the game. There’s always one moment in a game that stays with you through your life and for me it was the Retomoto Tower rappel. The descent, tense composition of music and explosive breach all come together to deliver this beautifully intense memorable moment. Further on in the mission when you push through the streets of Tokyo with cops all around you, once again, it made me feel as though I was playing the iconic bank robbery scene from Heat. Movies like Heat, The Town, Bonnie & Clyde, Point Break, Inside Man and Reservoir Dogs, all these movies center around the theme of Robbery in some form or another and the ‘Heist’ element, in my opinion, has now evolved over the years from a sub-genre to a standalone genre in itself.

It’s not just the high risk adrenaline pumping experience that keeps us coming back for more, it’s also the perks that come along with it. Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 are excellent illustrations of how preparation and planning serve a purpose to your overall outcome on a heist. There is something awfully satisfying about getting together with a crew and plotting your moves step by step. Whether it be choosing an entry/escape point, dealing with security measures or deciding which gear to bring along, everything is about exploiting the rules and the situation. Gamers love to break the rules, no matter what the circumstance is, if there are rules and laws out there, chances are we as players want to exploit them purely for the purpose of releasing our imagination away from the real world or even sometimes it’s simply a form of stress relief. Dealing with crowd control, becoming a demolition/technical expert in safe cracking, the getaway driver, all those notorious roles that we see time and time again in the movies, we get a chance to take responsibility for these ourselves when we play a game of this genre and it in all honesty, it feels pretty exciting!

With GTA Online recently releasing their Heists mode, there’s no doubt or question that owners of the game will dive straight into this content without hesitation. As well they should, it was one of the highlighted selling points from the initial trailer and if you do play regularly with friends online, games like this are a perfect way of banding together and successfully completing a series of cooperative obstacles.

It’s a challenge, and we as the player want to tackle and conquer it. The world of high risk, high gain, although dark, lawless and filled with consequence, it’s an appealing fantasy world with a potential large sum reward as an outcome.

GTA 5 Heists – First Impressions


It’s taken just over a year but Rockstar have finally delivered what is considered by many as one of the major selling points of their five star title GTA V and that is its multiplayer Heists feature. March 10th was the date set where everybody would be greeted into the world of criminal professionalism and an installation update of up to 4GB was the first hurdle of gaining access to this new feature. Although a grueling wait filled with eager anticipation to get hands on with the testosterone fueled heist action, you could only assume that an update to that extent of memory was worth the wait, and the verdict to that is yes, it is definitely worthwhile.

As with every new GTAV multiplayer update package, we are presented with some nice new toys to play with. These include a few new vehicles, a flare gun and a whole plethora of wardrobe items, and gloves! They have answered our calling! Finally I can commit criminal activates with the feeling that I am leaving no trace of my fingerprints behind, or simply look like a hitman badass with glorious black leather gloves, not to be mistaken for some form of sadomasochism enthusiast of course…

As expected the Rockstar servers are still a bit iffy but as when the initial GTA 5 multiplayer was released, I’m sure this will be cleared up within the coming days. Once in a lobby you first receive a call from your old pal Lester who remains his wonderfully disturbed self from the campaign. It is a nice return to that tone and style of GTA’s world, it feels as though you are meeting up with an old colleague as you visit his warehouse on the east side. He then gives you the grand opportunity to get on board with one of his high end jobs and play a role in his core crew’s schemes which is indeed heists. Now in order to lead/host a heist you must be at least level 12 and own a high-end apartment property. You’ll find that Lester has sent some guys over to your apartment and refurbished one of your rooms for heist prep and planning. Here you can host heists and manage a crew with three other players.

Lester guides you on the initial two-man tutorial mission where you and a friend are required to drive to a Fleeca bank as Lester hacks into their security to scope out their system and layout. This is known as a setup mission. Similar to the campaign, heists will require some preparation, be it a required vehicle or simply some reconnaissance. All these setup missions are required to ensure that you can proceed with the actual heist or finale as it is referred to. Players are assigned specific roles in heists, for example, during this heist the driver is required to get to the bank while the ‘driller’ delves through a series of hacking mini-games in order to open the vault. Once they have arrived, the driver must deal with crowd control as the driller goes into the vault and drills open a safety deposit target box. It is a good way of giving players assigned roles in which they know they can be depended on to complete without confusion, everyone has a job to do.

Once I had completed this I was rewarded $169,000 to which I discovered the potential of how much money players can earn on heists. Receiving a second call from Lester about an upcoming job, I dived straight back into it with a few buddies as we began The Prison Break mission. Here you are tasked with four setup missions: collect a bus, plane, car and take out some lawyers. Once these are completed you can proceed to rescue a man named Rashkovsky from the state penitentiary and it is a pretty thrilling experience. I was assigned the role of the pilot to which I was required to collect the crew and objective for extraction. Two players pose as a prison guard and prisoner in order to infiltrate the prison and reach Rashkovsky while another player works as a demolition expert and clears the runway of any incoming harrier jets and law enforcement individuals. If you have a microphone I would recommend using it as communication is a big help when playing, it even advises so in the tips provided on the game’s artistic loading screens.

It is an exciting experience watching an armoured car filled with your crew members head towards you on a runway as they pile in and you take off with your tail fin just scrapping the top of the police car’s siren. Your demolition expert then guards the plane in a chopper on the way out of there to which you all parachute out and regroup on a beach to your success. As one of the first missions this was in all, a very enjoyable experience and was a grand return to a game I hadn’t touched in some months.

I am personally very excited and looking forward to playing more of these heist missions with friends and seeing what else is in store for the future of GTA Online. If you haven’t already, install this thrill ride and call up some buddies and round up a posse, no wait that’s Red Dead Redemption… Gather a crew, yeah.. do that, you won’t regret it.

GTA 5 PC System Requirements Revealed, Together With Delay Notice


Rockstar has fortunately decided to share with us the system requirements for the highly anticipated PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Unfortunately, the good news is followed by a bad one: GTA 5 for PC has been delayed to 24 March 2015, instead of the originally announced January release. Hopefully this indeed means that we will receive the best possible experience in March and it will be well worth the wait. After all, it is expected for the PC version to be way better than the PlayStation 4 one, which makes a couple of months of extra waiting worthwhile.

The even better thing is that you now have the GTA 5 system requirements below and you still have time to upgrade your computer if you don’t meet them. So here they are:

GTA 5 Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz
Memory: 4GB
Video Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
HDD Space: 65GB
DVD Drive

GTA 5 Recommended requirements:
OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs)
Memory: 8GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
HDD Space: 65GB

Except for the fact that these requirements prove that everybody should upgrade their operating systems to 64 bit, if they haven’t done so already, we can say that they are pretty much OK, especially when it comes to the minimum requirements. This means that more people will be able to experience the game, and that’s a nice move from Rockstar.

What really manages to shock a bit is the HDD requirement: 65GB is A LOT, which proves just how big the game is. And I remember being shocked a while ago by the colossal 35GB required by Max Payne 3. Probably tens of GBs will become the staple in the industry, which also means that the quality is higher.

What do you think about the system requirements for GTA 5? Also, what’s your opinion on the delay?

Grand Theft Auto V on PC, PS4, Xbox One This Fall

Grand Theft Auto

During Sony’s E3 conference, they revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to the Playstation 4 this fall. They left out the part about the PC and Xbox One versions, but all three will be available for purchase. If you are one of the three people that missed out, or you simply want to see Los Santos in glorious next-gen, the following trailer should interest you.

I loved it when it launched, and it’s quite lovely to see Los Santos rendered at such high quality. However, I can’t help but feel as if there is too much of an emphasis on porting last-gen titles. That might just be my inner cynic showing .