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How to Play Diablo IV: The Ultimate Tips and Tricks

How to Play Diablo IV

The fourth installment of Diablo is finally here. After years of beta releases and gameplay leaks, gamers can return to their favorite action role-playing game and re-immerse themselves in the eternal conflict between Lilith and Inarius with this tutorial on how to play Diablo IV.

With the focus of this multi-player game centered around loot and defeating horde after horde of demons, it can be difficult to keep track of the narrative’s main goals. To avoid a frustrating playthrough and to make the most out of your precious loot, read on and discover the essential tips and tricks on how to play Diablo IV.

Waypoints in Diablo IV

While it maintains its mythological routes, Diablo IV differs significantly from its predecessors. Players are no longer confined to singular locations and instead have an open world map to explore. The tutorial and early stages of the game are set in the Fractured Peaks region, but as the narrative progresses, players can discover four other regions.

Each region has a specific terrain and aesthetic as well as unique loot and dungeons. Even the most seasoned player could get overwhelmed by the scale of this map. To save yourself a considerable amount of time and frustration, activate any waypoints you come across.

The majority of waypoints are located in towns, so you don’t have to explore the depths of the wilderness to uncover these essential fast travel points. While other games automatically activate waypoints, in Diablo IV you must interact with the waypoint yourself. Never walk past a waypoint without responding to the button prompt.

Experiment with Diablo IV’s Classes

Player classes are a tenet of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and Diablo IV is no different. This installment offers gamers five different classes to choose from, including Druid, Barbarian, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Rogue. Each class comes with its own advantages as well as several drawbacks.

It can be tempting to stick to a class that you’re familiar with. If you’ve always played as a Barbarian, why would you change to a Druid now? Well, experimenting with the different classes can introduce you to a new playstyle and loot system. Not only does this allow you to switch up your gameplay, but it also gives you a better understanding of how your friends will play.

The best class for you, both narratively and in terms of gameplay, could surprise you. So, get experimenting before the new season of gameplay is released.

Looting Options

Diablo is nothing without loot. From crafting spells to upgrading your weapons, loot is essential to leveling up and becoming strong enough to defeat the game’s bosses. But, by default, the labels attached to loot drops will disappear after ten seconds.

If you’re simply walking through a quiet area of the map, this ten-second limit doesn’t present much of an obstacle. However, some of the best loot items of the game are dropped during combat, when you might be a little preoccupied with other things. Such as not dying.

To make it easier to grab your loot post-fight, all you need to do is head to settings and change your ‘Item Label Display’ preferences.

Hold Out for Your Mount in Diablo IV

For the first time in a Diablo game, players can ride horses. This introduces several new items to the game and saves players a considerable amount of time, especially when you’re still trying to unlock all the waypoints.

To unlock mounts, you’ll have to play through a chunk of the main narrative. While this can delay the completion of side quests and limit your exploration of the map, both activities will become significantly easier when you can travel across the various regions on horseback.

After unlocking your mount, you’ll be able to customize it. With various saddles to choose from as well as medals to display, you can truly make your hard-earned horse your own.

Pay Attention to Buffs

Choosing your equipment often comes down to checking the armor and damage-per-second ratings. While these are incredibly useful stats, especially in the early stages of the game, don’t ignore the buffs attached to certain items.

Combining the proper buff with your preferred weapon could be worth the loss of a few armor points. Regularly check your inventory to see what loot you’ve acquired and determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

Don’t Ignore the Side Quests

Most players focus on grinding out the main narrative to level up their character and unlock the best spells and weapons. But completing the side quests is a great way to earn Renowned points and take a break from the central plot.

As you gain Renowned points, you’ll receive experience points, gold, potion charges, and Paragon points, all of which are incredibly useful in the later stages of the game.

Final Thoughts on How to Play Diablo IV

Diablo 4

With a Game Rant Metascore of 87, it’s easy to see why countless players have dived back into the world of Sanctuary in Diablo IV. After reading these tips and tricks, you can join a team of avid players and make the most out of the latest addition to the Diablo franchise.

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