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10 best mythology inspired video games you will love to play


For decades, the gods and goddesses’ mythological realms and everything in them have been a good inspiration source for video games. Cast players display in plenty of games as historical heroes, supernatural beings, and warriors of many divine powers. However, just a few genuinely portray the mythical potential of these popular pantheons. From the Greek Olympians to the powerful Norse Asgardians warriors, there is no shortage of mythological and mighty influences for a wide range of genres in the game industry. All the gamers need to do is make a decision. Below are the 10 best video games that are inspired by mythology;

1.   Age Of Mythology


In some best video games, it’s a great revolution to give players the chance to choose the team they want to play with. In more adventurous games, this is a wonderful theme that needs to be featured. For example, in the Microsoft tactic game series, players can choose from a wide variety of mythology comprising Norse, Greek, and Egyptian divinities. For the concept of playing the game, the game is quite identical to Age of Empires in that players will choose a pantheon and govern their native tribes over numerous centuries. Although it’s an enjoyable experience for some people, also it’s a brilliant way to combine a range of different figures.

2.   Titan Quest | Epic Mythology


Against the classic mythology backdrop, Titan Quest is a set of deep dungeon crawlers. There are endless possibilities of an ancient world with more monsters, loot, classes, and an environment where most can shake the stick. Players will travel across various historical civilizations in the role of their mythological hero, including Greece, China, and Egypt, in search of the Titans. The fans of mythology have an epic experience, thanks to a strange game combination like the Diablo and Ray Harryhausen films.

3.   Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris


Lara Croft’s offshoot games are highly underrated. The best examples are when developers come up with ideas and try what could be done in the multiplayer mode dungeon crawler. The game, a sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, features the iconic bounty hunter that joins up in a team with Horus and Isis to conquer the set of the demons. Part twin-stick and Part fantasy are full of actions, and they can easily satisfy any Tomb Raider fan. Typical action-platforming of the typical adventures is a great intermission. And soon, in the mythology escapades of Lara, the fans will be able to a 3rd entry.

4.   Okami


It is a watercolor dream inspired by the mythology of ancient Japanese, featuring the Amaterasu and goddess on the cell-shaded voyage. Its identity is taken by some best video games like the series of “The Legend of Zelda.” This game has Japanese themes that give a new admirer generation to the pantheon. Okami has artistry that feels like you are seeing an ancient story with monsters, creatures, and gods.

5.   Raji: An Ancient Epic


There is a serious need for further attention and acknowledgment on the region of Hindu gods and goddesses. However, at least followers of Hindu gods and goddesses might have pleasure by a term as Raji. By the indication of the title, the hack-and-slash game proceeds the same as in old times, and someone can read a historical story by translating an old book or script. As Raji would continue to fight against an entire army of devils and demons to save her brother, a dramatic storyline emerges with sequences narrated by Indian puppet shows and a voiceover from Durga and Vishnu. The game’s backstory is the major element of its whole character, not just a spice or concept.

6.   Beyond Oasis


In the mystical cave, Aladdin is not the only person who finds the treasure. This game, “Beyond Oasis,” is inspired by the “Arabian Nights.” Beyond Oasis is a stone on Genesis; gamers play on the sand and have a great adventure full of terrible monsters, treasures, and traps. Gamers play as Prince Ali in it, having a golden armlet that allows the gamer to use different magical powers. But, on the other hand, the owner of the silver armlet counterpart seeks to utilize the power for evil across the kingdom by releasing the ancient guardians. So, to save the kingdom, the prince has to master the elements and overcome the temples and challenges.

7.   Dragon’s Crown


This game is the fantasy dream of a fan that came true. Adventurers will not only find the sorcery motifs and the swords. They also have to find relics and some almost forgotten things of different mythology. And to command, there are harpies, gorgons, banshees, colossus, and the djinn. Then, of course, there will be dungeons to explore and dragons to confront, but this game has a beautiful and clear love for classical mythology.

8.   Hades


It is one of the most misrepresented and overlooked games in modern days. In Hades, the clever dungeon crawler from Bastion creators offers the Greek kingdom of the dead, a new coat of paint. There are a lot of monsters and myths to enjoy in it. The gamers play it as Zagreus. The gamers must enter the underworld circles as Zagreus, son of the King of the Dead, to reach Mount Olympus.

9.   Immortals Fenyx Rising


The Breath of the Wild consists of an incredibly enormous myth of the Greeks. And it makes full use of its historical heritage. Players play the character of an armored warrior as Fenyx,  whose task is to save the gods from Typhon’s evil army. Fenyx must conquer the deceased heroes. Which helps to remove mystical curses. Also, help in, destroy plenty of famous devils and demons. It all happens due to the historical weapons, capabilities, and skills to rescue the old world.

10. God Of War Series

God of War

God of War has two deities pantheons to destroy, four main titles, weapons, monsters, and magic to kill. Kratos is climbing to Mount Olympus’ top by slashing and hacking a lot of enemies. According to the upcoming sequel, no one is safe from the wrath of Kratos. Even the Viking deities are in danger.

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