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Early leak of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Remaster from Game Freak will not be available for two more weeks, but the copies of Nintendo Switch, an upcoming game, have come out. And now the fans are looking through all of the leaked videos and screenshots for the evidence of previous Gen 4 unannounced content, such as the Distortion World and Battle Frontier areas.

VGC reported that on the PokeLeaks subreddit, a person is posted that he has the first copy of the video game. Although that person immediately removed the post but in 24 hours, several pictures and videos began to spread online. A while back, Pokey Masta, a YouTube account, posted a video in which he displayed the Pokedex and layout of the splendid town of Diamond.

YouTube Footages

Poiter’s basket is another YouTube account that has uploaded the footage from Team Galactic fights. It also did the same for the first few gym battles. Players have observed the midi-sounding music that differs from the shown official trailers. It is not clear if there is an optional setting that users can replace in a one-day patch. As Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl footage leak earlier to its launch, so what’s next? The users are aware of the new models, animations, and poses of some Pokémons, like the Murkrow and the Bidoof.

Although the game positions as authentic remakes of the original versions. gamers have a pretty good idea of what’s in the games. Others believe that Nintendo has just not mentioned the additional content in the current advertisement. The emergence of the Distortion World and Battle Frontier from Pokémon Platinum might be among the greatest revelations.

A post-game area, Battle Frontier replaces Diamond and Pearl’s Battle Tower. Players compete with other difficult trainers. In return, they get special points to exchange different items. Meanwhile, the Distortion World is a scary extra dungeon that defies physics laws. Unfortunately, both of them come in Platinum. After two years of the release of Diamond and Pearl, the 3rd Gen 4 game was available. Gamers are hoping that both zones include in these new editions as Platinum Remaster.

The early release of the games provides a perfect scenario in raising the expectations of any random individual for getting Pokemon. The addition of the region isn’t available yet. So in response, to determine the resemblance of any area with Pearl, Platinum, or diamond. Some anxious gamers have begun studying patterns in areas such as Sandgem.

Outside forensic firm

It is interesting that some footage has already been removed from platforms like YouTube; this is because Nintendo has been really strict when it comes to leaks, especially in the case of Pokemon. An outside forensic firm is on the job by Nintendo in 2019. It was to track the source of leaks of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl footage. The leakers were tracked down. they were taken to court. Leakers were forced to pay $150,000 as legal fees. However, even after all these efforts to encounter leaks, the leak-outs will continue to happen. But on November 19, people will eventually know what they will get in Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond on their official launch.

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