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Hogwarts Legacy Review: What Does Metacritic think of It?

hogwarts legacy metacritic review

If you are thinking of buying Hogwarts Legacy for your gaming console, but need a factual review that reveals all about the video game and discloses the undisclosed secrets on Metacritic as well? Then you are at the very right place because we will tell you why you need to buy the video game and what may disappoint you about Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Worth Playing?

We are sure everyone remembers the first time they watched Harry Potter, it was filled with a mesmerizing atmosphere that a young kid, even an adult would dream to be in.

After more than 2 decades since the release of the first film, we have arguably the best video game of the franchise. This video game has it all that the predecessors’ video games didn’t have, it has stunning animation and high-quality graphics with meticulous detail that many video game companies aspire to have in their video games.

When a player starts the video game, they are to choose a character from a vast collection. They can customize any of the characters to their liking, and then have to complete the lore.

The video game’s mechanics of controlling a character, clashing with the opponent, and interacting with others are top-notch. When indulging in a battle, for instance, you will feel as if you are in a superhero video game. Hogwarts Legacy is all about quick-paced combat and rapid button pressing.

Surely everyone remembers the classic banger theme song of Harry Potter, the one you hear in the very first film up to the very last, the soundtrack is so soothing that if you were to listen to it when you are in your bed, it won’t take you long to fall asleep. That same theme song is added to the video game but with a more suspenseful tone and the high usage of piano and violin.


  • The video game has a rich and immersive soundtrack that blends in with the atmosphere.
  • Hogwarts Legacy features a vast world that isn’t limited to Hogwarts. The video showcases beautiful landscapes and pretty visuals.
  • The game has a branching dialogue system that lets the player decide how to communicate, and your actions influence the video game. You can interact in a rude way, flirtatious, or friendly, but your choices have consequences.


  • The video game lacks a variety of enemies, you will feel as if you are constantly fighting against the same monster, and you can’t eliminate it.
  • The video game will no longer add any more DLCs. The video game is over with story-wise updates. However, the fans are still not satisfied and want more plot updates.
  • Hogwarts Legacy has a nonsensical story compared to the Harry Potter series.

What is Hogwarts Legacy About?

Whenever we hear or read about Hogwarts we recall the memories of Harry Potter and his party’s adventures, but what this video game unveils about Hogwarts is something we didn’t know about. The video game depicts Hogwarts from 1 century before the original Harry Potter story. Although the game has no connection to Harry Potter the character and the franchise.

You play Hogwarts Legacy as a student who holds great and rare powers and is fighting evil which is unbalancing the world. You have to explore the world, complete puzzles, make friends, learn new wizarding spells, and choose your route.

The video game will take you about 40 hours to complete, but it would take about 80 hours for those who don’t leave a single side quest and complete every achievement.

Hogwarts Legacy Metacritic Review

Metacritic is a community for critics and fans where they review and score video games just like Hogwarts Legacy, TV shows, and films. The website has a system of Metascore and User scores, both indicate a number that reveals the average rating.

As for Hogwarts Legacy, Metacritic has the positive votes. The overall, Metascore of the video game is 84/100, and the user score is about 8.5/10, which is way above average. The ratings are based on the reviews of critics and gamers.

Will there be Another Installment to Hogwarts Legacy?

For a solo video game to get a sequel, it needs to be successful and have more than enough sponsors backing it. If all the requirements are met, then the developers commence with a plan. In general, a video game sequel isn’t that easy to make. There is a lot of sweat and tears behind it, and it only happens when the developers smell success.

Hogwarts Legacy is a video game that has a massive background backing it. Not even a single soul would imagine its sequel to be failing. But when will the sequel happen? Warner Bros. Games has yet to announce it, but they are hinting and making it larger each time.

Warner Bros. Games has expressed that they see Hogwarts Legacy as a long-running franchise. On the other hand, they also have mentioned not releasing any DLC for the current video game, which indicates that the video game’s second installment is still not under development.

The answer swings both ways, but as of now, we don’t have a definite answer to reply with.

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Hogwarts Legacy without a doubt ranks as one of the best video games of the year 2023. It’s a masterpiece that is depicted from the magical world created by the sensational author J. K. Rowling. The video game has received mixed reviews, but mostly positive, and fans express it as perfection.

If you are nerdy about Harry Potter, you won’t regret spending your days on this masterpiece of the video game. Imagine yourself riding on a Hippogriff and touching the horizon, doesn’t that sound phenomenal? Well, don’t imagine that all and make it happen by installing Hogwarts Legacy on your console.

Hogwarts Legacy is better as it is right now. It doesn’t need any major changes the development team needs to look over the minor glitches.

That’s all about Hogwarts Legacy’s Metacritic and fan reviews. What do you think of the video game? Are you going to play it? Tell us in the comments about your perspective of the video game.

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