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Different Ways to Enjoy Rummy in Different Seasons

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The moods often change with the seasons. One needs to keep up with the times but once a rummy player is always a rummy player. He will always take pleasure in a game of rummy, no matter what season it is. So, if you are one of those avid and crazy rummy players, here are some simple ways to enjoy rummy during every season:

Rummy Night-outs With Friends on Hot Summer Nights

Summers are hot and tiring. Working on summer days can seem quite challenging. Yet, after end of one such tiring day, we all look forward to relaxing and rejuvenate. Call in your friends and set a night-out fit for all rummy lovers. Arrange the best chilling drinks that would soothe the senses. Decorate home interiors in smart yet cooling colours. Ready your rummy tables and set out to play rummy with your beloved friends in rummy circles.

Sizzling Snacks, Brewing Beverages and Rummy Sessions in Rainy Season

The most challenging part of the monsoons is that you barely get to go out due to the rains. Caged in your home, you have not much to do making the rainy-day sticky and dull. Not anymore! Brew some hot coffee or flavourful spicy tea. Make a few quick and sizzling snacks. Call your friends and family to join you for a relaxing session of rummy at your home.

A Blazing Fireplace, A Few Good Friends and An Awesome Rummy Quiz on Winters

Winters are particularly chilling, and most people feel lethargic during this season. So, instead of playing an actual rummy session, you can go for a rummy quiz instead. Set up the fireplace and decide some tasty delicacies to treat your friends with. Prepare a quiz about different facts related to rummy. This mmay include facts about its origin or how it evolved as it passed from one geographical location to another. Allocate points to each question. Set up teams to make the quiz more competitive.

Spice Up Lonely Autumn Days with Khelplay Rummy App

Autumn days are sorrowful and deadly. You may feel lonely yet won’t find company to join you in this season. Get over your monotony at home by playing your favourite card game on the Khelplay Rummy App. The app offers you the best of all worlds so you can choose the game you want and play it the way you want without anyone to interrupt. You can choose between 10 Cards Game, Standard 13 Cards Rummy Game or even 21 cards game. You can decide among points rummy, pool rummy and deals rummy. You can choose to play with cash or with practice chips. Yes, the choice is all yours here and you have so much to pick from.

Flowers, Fun, Frolic and A Touch of Rummy Cash Games

Spring is the season for beauty. It is the time when nature surrounds you with all kinds of flowers in all different colours. It is the time when you are bound to be cheerful. You can add more cheer to your mood by simply playing rummy cash games online on Khelplay Rummy. The site organises contests and tournaments in each season. All you need to do is prepare a cash account and deposit the requisite money that will be offered to you as real chips which you may use to play the tournament.

The seasons change but rummy remains the Mantra for all rummy players around the world. Invite rummy playing friends from distant corners of the world to a session of points rummy. Win cash prizes in cash rummy tournaments by making best of your rummy skills. Enjoy rummy in different ways that stay memorable for life.

Are you rummy player? Can you share your experience with us?

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