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Why the Legend of Korra Video Game Needs a Sequel

Legend of Korra

Back in October, Platinum Games released a game based off the animated series Legend of Korra, and it got mostly panned by critics and the fan response was tepid. The game had a lot of good ideas in it, and the mechanics within it were actually pretty fun. All of the different types of bending felt different, even if airbending felt a bit overpowered. Apart from the combat there was also lite platforming areas of the levels and Naga running areas between chapters. It wasn’t anything innovative by any means, but it had the foundation for something much greater.

Think of the first Assassin’s Creed and how it really wasn’t that great of a game, it was a poor mans version of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. The second game, which came out two years later, blew the first game out of the water and ran with the foundations of it and expanding upon those ideas while simultaneously fixing the majority of the problems. The Legend of Korra game could do this exact thing, especially with a studio as good as Platinum in charge.

If this game were to theoretically come out within the next year or two, it would perfect timing. This is because the show writers will be far enough from last Winter’s series finale that they will be more open and creatively fresh to craft a new story for a video game. It wouldn’t even have to be that deep of a story considering how lacking it was in the first game, so just about anything would be an improvement. Personally, I’m a huge nerd over the show it’s predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender,  that I can see the exact point for this game to take place. It could pick up where the series left off, with Korra and Asami on their romantic vacation in the Spirit World. Korra would be giving Asami the tour of the world and introducing her to her Spirit friends and Iroh. Everything would be going great for them until an old threat returns: Koh the Face Stealer! Cue the dramatic music!

This plot would make sense because it would be able to conclude the open plot line left from the first Avatar: The Last Airbender season finale, which aired roughly ten years ago. Also, this plot would open up more variations of gameplay by having certain levels be puzzle based where you would play as Asami. Really as long as the game doesn’t come up with another cop out for Korra to not have all of her bending styles for half the game, it could be really fantastic.

I realize most of this article is just me geeking out about a series I miss, but I think this goes a bit beyond fanboyism. Once Platinum goes gold with a few projects they’re working on, I really hope they revisit this franchise. The Avatar/Korra fanbase is strong, and we are still waiting for a great game based off of the series, not just something that shows promise for something better in the future.

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