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EA Servers force pro FIFA players to determine winner with rock, paper, scissors


Esports is the pinnacle of competitive gaming. It’s where elite virtual athletes go head to head to determine who the best in their field really is. That is unless you play FIFA. At a recent competitive EA licensed tournament, two players had to resort to a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine a winner.

The in-game invite system wasn’t working properly and likely due to time constraints, Shaun Galea and Hasan Eker couldn’t play their game. Instead, they had to resort to a game of rock, paper, scissors. Despite his best efforts, Shaun lost with rock after tying three times in a row throwing paper. Who needs elite gaming skills when you can just dominate at a children’s hand game?


FIFA isn’t a very good competitive game

If truth be told, FIFA has never been a good competitive game. The core issue is that the games are sports simulations of real-life football. They are primarily designed for casual sports fans to play rather than core gamers. As a result, the gameplay is relatively simplistic and lacks a significant skill ceiling.

This follows the news that EA has opted to ban FIFA content creator Kurt0411. The publisher was unhappy with his supposed threats aimed at various Electronic Art employees. After banning Kurt0411 from playing all of their titles, EA has continued on to try and get his Twitch banned as well.

FIFA 20 arena

Whilst EA doesn’t name any specific incidents, many believe it was likely caused by the stream where he openly spat on the EA logo. Considering Kurt0411 was a professional FIFA player before his ban, behavior like this can be considered somewhat childish. Still, having a multi-billion conglomerate effectively bully a pro player isn’t exactly a good look for the publisher either.

From rock, paper, scissors to attacking pro players, the FIFA competitive scene isn’t dead, but it’s far from thriving. If EA wants their sports game to be taken more seriously they need to step up their game. For the time being, I don’t anticipate FIFA to become anything more than just yet another mediocre eSport.

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