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Dying Light Tricks & Tips: How to Quickly Level Up Agility

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Dying Light

Dying Light has an alternative level-up system divided in three main attributes – survivor, agility and power. In this guide, you can learn how to master the art of agility, dexterity and speed.

DL a31. Take Advantage of All Environmental Objects

Instead of taking the main road, killing tons of zombies or going stealth, try to always use environmental objects. By jumping, climbing and landing on objects, your character earns a certain amount of agility experience. The more you practice this path, the more experience you can accumulate. This all means you can level up a progression path simply by moving and staying away from trouble.

2. Exploit the System

If you’re looking for a way to quickly boost your agility tree, then you can simply clear a small area around you. Make sure that area has a few buildings or high objects. Afterward, all you have to do is climb, jump and land on objects. Proceed with one action per second (approximately) to earn experience. If you keep moving constantly for a few minutes you’ll realize that is actually easy to master this tree.

Dying Light Tricks & Tips-Be An Explorer-vGamerz3. Be an Explorer

Go around. Search everything. Don’t be afraid, after all, it’s not so common to find zombies on high places. Being an explorer in this game does really pay off. Besides, you don’t simply earn free agility experience from roaming, you can also find valuable loot that will assure your survival.

4. Choose the Difficult Way

Normally, you should choose the easiest and quickest way to achieve a determined goal. But in this case, your goal is to obtain experience, meaning that the easier path is not the most suitable. If you take alternative paths, you’ll end up moving more, thus earning larger amounts of experience.

DL a665. Escape the Night

If you don’t mind a challenge, then you might want to go through the night. Once the sun goes down, the city changes into a massively battlefield without escape. Besides double agility points, you can also increase your agility gains while successfully escaping a pursuit. for surviving this dark nightmare. The trick here is to never stop or ever look back.

 6. Become a Jumping Maniac

Jumping over literally everything is another great trick to earn agility experience. Jumping while running or jumping in the ground doesn’t grant you anything, but things change, when you try to jump off, for example, from a roof to a balcony or a higher surface. Jumping from the ground to a slightly higher object works as well.

DL a47. Learn Free Running Movements

While building your agility tree, always get the skills that boost your agility moves or give you the knowledge to perform new ones. This way you can execute a larger number of agility actions and increase the performance of all your old moves. As obvious, this leads to a superior experience gain.

Learn more about Dying Light’s leveling system. Discover how to level-up your power tree here and your survivor tree here.


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