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Watch Dogs Guide: How to Defeat the Mini Boss/Elite Robotic Policeman

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During the last campaign mission of the first chapter, players will find themselves trapped in a high-tech security prison. Right before facing the stadium survivor, who can identify Aiden Pearce’s appearance, players must defeat several corrupt prison guards with a M1014 Semi-Auto Shotgun found in the environment. Afterwards, a robotic policeman will appear and the difficulty will drastically increase. Find out how to defeat the first elite/mini boss in Watch Dogs.

wc41. Defeat the Corrupt Guards

To fight this mini boss, you have to defeat numerous corrupt guards in the first place, that’s the rule. If you die during this mission part, you’ll always have to kill them over and over again. The best way to do it is to stay covered at the main door and take them down, one by down without wasting too much ammo since you’ll need plenty of it for the incoming robot.

wc32. Position Yourself Inside the Room

Once you kill the police officers, rush inside the room and cover yourself in the middle. Wait for the robotic policeman to move towards you and observe his movements. If you hit him randomly you won’t do any damage due to his high-tech shield and metallic parts.

wc23. Aim at His Chest and Belly

The trick to take him do is to be persistent and aim at his middle body (chest and belly). However, you need to do it at the right time, when the robot is either reloading or aiming at you. Otherwise, you’ll just his his arms, hands and even his weapon. If you don’t hit him correctly he won’t take any damage and you’ll need more time to kill him.

wc14. Move Around in Circles

While waiting for the right time to hit the robot, you should move in circles, as in dancing with him. Keep yourself covered at all times, else he can easily kill you. Also, don’t let him get too close as the cover system can be tricky and you might not have enough time to move tot he next cover object.

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  • Lynden
    Posted June 11, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    You can also just go into the little control room to the left and wait for him to walk in then hack the pipes on the wall to burst them in his face. 1 shot ko.

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