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Watch Dogs Guide: How to Escape the Police at the End of Chapter One

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Escaping the police is generally easy, especially if you can find a bridge or a train nearby. However, at the end of chapter one while escaping a high-tech prison, Aiden Pearce can’t escape using traditional methods. With the whole Chicago Police Department hunting him, he can’t simply escape. But there’s a simple trick to complete this campaign mission. It’s all about tactic and precision, find out how.

wce41. Kill the Incoming Policeman at the Prison’s Roof

Head towards the roof and kill all the policeman that will arrive in patrol cars. Take cover and use the nearby cameras to make sure that there’s no one left. There will always be a helicopter on your head too but don’t kill the shooter just yet.

wce32. Kill the Helicopter Shooter Last

Once there’s no guards in the roof, kill the sniper on the helicopter. This will make things much smoother for your escape, since the helicopter will retreat and there won’t be anything to watch your position anymore. Note that all nearby cameras are being hacked by Aiden.

wce23. Disrupt the Police’s Communications

After the helicopter retreats, trigger your jamming communication tool to ensure that any leak on your position will be disrupted. This way, even if someone spots you on the roof, they won’t be able to call for reinforcements.

wce14. Wait the Alert Bar to Get White

Stay covered and wait the red alert bar to slowly decrease until it’s white. When the bar is white, you need to wait one minute until the police assumes you have escaped and you’re no longer there.

wce55. Stay Out of Police’s Radar

But a white bar doesn’t stand for safe yet, you need to remain properly covered or hidden if you don’t want anyone to trigger the red bar again. Police cars and helicopters will still be sent to your last position so ensure you’re not spotted again.

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