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Dying Light Tricks & Tips – How to Quickly Level Up Power

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Dying Light Tricks

Dying Light has an alternative level-up system divided into 3 main attributes – survivor, agility, and power. In this Dying Light Tricks & Tips guide, you can learn how to master the art of strength, might, and power.

Dying Light-The Extermination-vGamerz1. Zombie Extermination

First from today’s Dying Light Tricks is, whenever you see a zombie, do not hesitate, take it down. In order to obtain experience, you need to train your combat skills. It’s a correlation, in which kills equals power proficiency. Therefore, you must kill endlessly and without restriction.

2. Use Your Body as a Weapon

Killing in Dying Light is easy, getting weapons, however, is a whole other story. Finding, buying, and even repairing weapons might become a difficult task due to the shortage of supplies. The solution is in your character, use his muscle as a free weapon and take down as many zombies as you want. You can level up agility skills to help level the power tree as well.

DL A53. Fight During the Night

Fighting during the night gives double power experience points. It’s true, the dangers are insanely high but the rewards make the risk more than worth it. Surviving the night through combat will also attribute additional power experience. Avoid being too cocky during this period of the day – rewards might be very compensating but death awaits in every corner.

4. Duplicate Your Weapons

If you don’t mind exploiting, then you don’t have to worry about weapon limitations, repairs and so on. You can duplicate your favorite weapons by firstly unlocking the power kill “Melee Throw”, which allows your character to throw any weapon. While you’re throwing your weapon, open your inventory and unequip the weapon you’ve just thrown to drop it on the ground. Close the inventory and two weapons will be displayed in the ground ready for pick-up.

DL P45. Learn New Combat Abilities

Learning new combat abilities is another way to intensify power gain. The more attacks your character performs, the more experience it gets from defeating enemies. Besides, new ways to disable and assassinate your enemies will provide additional experience.

 6. Craft and Use Secondary Weapons

Using ranged and utility weapons also contribute to gain power experience. This type of weaponry is very limited but it can be incredibly handy, specially against larger numbers. for example, throwing knives can be effective against single targets but on the other hand, there are utility weapons, like molotovs, that can kill as many enemies as you wish.

DL P57. Take Advantage of the Environment

If you’re high level already or if you have a lot of resources, you might want to take down many zombies at once. How? Simple. Make use of environmental weapons around you. The trick is to hit the zombies first, if you’re not going to use any resources, that is. Nonetheless, you can use element combos such as, firecrackers and oil pools or molotovs and gas barrels. You can also use fire, water, heights and spiky fences to your advantage. You can check all the ways to kill zombies using environmental elements/objects.

8. Farm Lower Zombies

As you progress, zombies become stronger, smarter, and much harder to kill. Do not despair, go to the surroundings of the Tower building and farm all the trash zombies there. Once the zone is clear, quit the game and go back, the population will be reestablished and you’ll be able to kill them again.

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