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WildStar Guide: How to Fix the Addon/UI Crashing Bug


Probably the most common and annoying bug in WildStar beta is the addon/UI crashing bug. Even though there are currently several temporary fixes, there doesn’t seem to be a stable and permanent measure to prevent the addon system from crashing. Fixing this issue requires plenty of persistence. Here’s what you can do to fix the addon/UI crashing bug:

1. Reload the UI System: If your addon has just crashed and things are not loading by themselves, then your UI system needs a manually reboot in-game (press ESC > Addons > Reload UI). This should fix the issue, at least for awhile.

2. Restart WildStar: If reloading the UI system is not working for you anymore, then restarting the game will certainly help you. This solution is quite bothersome but efficient.

3. Repairing WildStar: Some players have reported extreme cases of UI crashing. If your system is crashing every few minutes, then something is definitely wrong with your game. Repairing it should fix the issue.

4. Uninstall Addons: Certain non-official addons might cause the whole system to malfunction. Uninstalling those addons normally solve the recurrent crashing issues.

If none of those solutions were able to fix your addon/UI issues, then you should submit a ticket to WildStar’s support and request for official assistance.

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