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Brand New Title Coming To Sega Dreamcast


It’s time to dig through the back of your closet, whip out your old  box, and dust it off. Sega’s last console isn’t done yet. Apparently.There’s a brand new game coming to the Dreamcast in September. It’s a bullet hell shooter called Ghost Blade. The game’s been said to have a retro style, although what we now call “retro” is what the Dreamcast would call cutting-edge graphical technology.

Ghost Blade is being developed by a group called Hucast. They’re a bunch of die-hard fans dedicated to creating brand new games for the Dreamcast, and this isn’t their first project. They’ve also released Alice and Redux: Dark Matters, both of them brand new games developed for the 17-year-old console. But the projects are labours of love, not profit, and when Ghost Blade was first announced, its original release was scheduled for some time in 2013.

Ghost Blade will now release on 17 September. That gives you a few months to figure out where the hell you stashed your Dreamcast all those years ago.



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