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5 Things Players Should Know About Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Logo

Release Date: 2/28/17

System: Playstation 4

New IPs are on the horizon, (see what I did there), so it is an exciting time to be a gamer. One of the most anticipated games, Horizon Zero Dawn (HZD), will soon be here and media outlets are starting to get hands on. The team over at Kinda Funny had 30 minutes with the game and from the game looks beautiful. Sometimes new games have a harder time grabbing new buyers since we never know what to expect. Here are 5 things players should know before buying Horizon Zero Dawn.

Its A PlayStation Exclusive

Closer look at the battle system
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That’s right. If you aren’t a PS4 owner then this game will be out of reach to you for the time being. The game can be purchased digitally and physically. I’m sure there is a PS4 Pro patch on the way as well as dlc so be ready to empty your pockets.

It’s A Beautiful And Open World

Overhead View of the Horizon Open World
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I have open world fatigue mainly because most of the games feel lifeless and empty. This game gives the promise that there may be reasons to explore the environment which will cause me to give it another shot. The game is set in a dystopian world where the fall of man is evident. What is left in its wake is a land full of free roaming machines and buildings hinting to relics past. As Aloy it is the player’s job to discover what is going on in this new world.

Horizon Zero Dawn is An Action/ RPG

Aloy Taking on a mob
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The battle system is over the shoulder 3rd person combat. Aloy is able to use things in the environment in her battles with the monsters which can cause them to be very unique experiences. Players will be able to analyze the machines in order to determine weaknesses and attacks of the mechs which add a layer of complexity to the combat. Aloy’s main weapon is a bow but the enemies will hit hard enough that sometimes fighting isn’t always the best option. Players will also be able to use the hacking tool in order to tame mechanical beasts to traverse the lands or assist with fights.

The Story Is Going To Be Insane

Close up of Aloy
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According to developers the main theme around the game is a mystery. The main ones revolving around the mysteries surrounding Aloy, why she was exiled and why would anyone become an outcast. The developers want the game to feel personal while not limited the players to a linear experience. There was also mention that all of the tribes of the world have their own side story arcs in addition to the MSQ. It looks like players will have a time sink on their hands. Players will also be able to make dialogue decisions but it was noted that it may not have an impact on the overall story ending.

There Are Going To Be Some Subsystems To Master

Skill tree in horizon zero dawn
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What I mean is the crafting system. Aloy is able to make weapons and things on the fly so acquiring loot in order to craft may be an important element of game play. This is another way to encourage exploration in the open world but it may become a bother to people who just want to get through the MSQ. Not having the proper materials could mean players success and failure in encounters.

Buckle Up It’s Going To Be Awesome

All in all it sounds like Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping up to be another impressive addition to the PlayStation family but what do you think? Do you plan on picking up the game? Are there some things you like or don’t like about the game? Let us know in the comments.


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