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WildStar: Carbine Studios Promises Complex Endgame Content for Every Taste


Carbine Studios revealed that WildStar endgame content will be challenging, different, unique and hardcore. Additionally, the company ensured that all types of playing styles will be contemplated with respective features. In an exclusive interview to DealSpwn, Game Design Producer Stephan Frost talked about WildStar’s endgame content and all the upcoming features available at maximum level. For action lovers who prefer to fight other players, there will be several competitive options, including ranked battlegrounds, ranked arenas and WarPlots, a new and different PvP system, as Frost stated:

You like PvP. Well, fight 40 people with 40 people. It’s massive, different, it’s not just “here’s another battleground”. It’s more like you have a customizable death fortress that you can fight other people with.

For environmental players, raiding dungeons and taking part of group adventures will be challenging at all times. From trash monsters to bosses, enemies in WildStar are “quite aggressive and crazy”, as Frost said. They’re all unpredictable, so even normal quests can present tough situations that require strategy and reaction to succeed. The whole purpose is to keep players engaged at all time and maintain their levels of attention and interest, explained Frost:

We’ve been trying to keep it as hardcore as we can pretty much the entire time. What that means is that we have a few things in need to do, one of them is the environmental hazards, which are interesting and unique. (…) We wanted to make things challenging [enough to] make people actually pay attention and work towards getting something.

Finally, for casual and role-playing gamers, there will plenty of other interesting activities  such as house decoration, mini-games, personal costumes and mount customization.

WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG that will be available for PC, on June 3rd 2014.

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