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H1Z1: ‘Barricades Will Be Progressively Stronger’


Sony Online Entertainment hosted a H1Z1 design meeting today, where some of the upcoming features were explained. H1Z1 will introduce a housing system but to stay alive, players will need much more than just four walls. To create a solid defensive barrier, players must either find or craft objects that serve as barricades. The crafting system will be quite extensive and barricades, for instance, will be made off several different materials. This protective item will be dynamic and realistic, they can be damaged, dragged around or even destroyed. It’s all part of the immersion level that Sony is aiming for:

Our zombies are deadly, they can easily get inside houses. There’s real collision effects and they can bash barricades. That’s the real level of immersion we’re looking for.

Additionally, players will need to adopt certain strategies and behaviors depending on environment events. Reinforcing vulnerable zones will be extremely crucial. For example, covering the windows is a must, since zombies can break the window’s glass and get inside if there’s nothing to stop them. Sony explained that barricades will become stronger as players gain more experience and find higher quality resources:

Barricades will be progressively stronger. The more and better resources you find, the stronger your barricades will be. Crafting barricades with more experience and better materials will generate a more powerful defense.

H1Z1 will be available for PC and Playstation 4 on Summer 2014.

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