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What Is The Best Viking Role Playing Game? Discover The Best

viking role playing game

Viking Role-playing games are among the best game genres, however, the games in it are scarce, and people don’t realize how mesmerizing this sub-genre of role-playing games can be if perceived in a proper form. If you have found yourself completely intrigued by the intensive gameplay of the game that was tagged with Viking and role-playing, unwind your adventure with these games that exploit the elements of both RPGs and Norse mythology.

Northgard: Is It The Best Viking Role-Playing Game?

Northgard is an accolades-receiving real-time strategy video game that revolves around a Viking clan that explores the wonders of the world. Most of the content unfolds in a mysterious newfound continent, the Vikings embark on a journey to explore and investigate it.

In Northgard, you can choose a Viking clan, each with unique abilities. The objective is to scavenge resources, survive in harsh and uncanny environments, and expand your reach. The game has received accolades for its astounding inclusion of multiple themes. It’s without a doubt the most-rated Viking role-playing game on the list.

Expeditions: Viking

Expeditions: Viking is a turn-based tactical role-playing video game developed by an indie-developer Logic Artists. In the game, you will assume the role of a newly appointed Viking Chief, specifically the role of Danish Viking, leading his brave soldiers to Great Britain around 790 AD. Your goal certainly will be to fend off enemies, protect your village, and expand your territory.

The game not only allows for character design customization but also provides players with the option to choose the skills and upgrade them. As the representative of a huge clan, your decisions will impact the future of the crew.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is an epic RPG that is loosely reliant on strategic gameplay and players’ decisions. The combat in the game is turn-based. You will be using different classes of characters to engage in enthralling matches. The outcome of your battles shapes your fate and destiny.

The Banner Saga features unique hand-painted visuals that add to the greatness of Norse mythology. The game features 25 unique characters, all with different backgrounds, abilities, and paths. The game is among the best Viking role-playing games due to its beautiful presentation and fascinating hand-drawn display. Begin your adventure in this highly acclaimed Viking role-playing game.

Ancestors Legacy

When checking out a Viking-themed video game, you will most likely come across the genre of real-time strategy colliding with the squad-based playstyle. This inclusion allows for a brilliant experience by sacrificing realism to some extent. However, this video game offers compelling gameplay featuring both realistic and fictionalized content. The game revolves around fighting nations strategically to be the ultimate winner.

Whether it is a newcomer or an experienced RPG enthusiast, the game captivates players with its European historical depiction. The game indeed emphasizes tactical combat, you will need to be productive to triumph the win over the enemy troops.

Odin: Valhalla Rising

This is an exhilarating mobile MMORPG that is loosely based on Nordic mythology. It’s an open-ended RPG that takes place in the realm of Valhalla. Where the likes of Odin and powerful gods showcase their might and wisdom. Like any MMORPG, players will be able to choose from any class, each offering different abilities and playstyles. The game boasts a rich premise centering on Norse gods, giants, and fictional creatures.

Odin: Valhalla Rising is a highly optimized video game that doesn’t stutter during slow rendering frames. The game provides an impeccable visual fidelity and allows for a vibrant experience.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard exploits Norse mythology alongside the primary elements of role-playing. It’s not a generic RPG, leaning more towards the action sequences, the game offers a vibrant role-playing experience. The game invites players to the mesmerizing shores of Midgard, a place where Viking thrives on fighting undead, beasts, and monstrosities inhabiting Ragnarok and Midgard.

The game provides a humungous explorable map and a near-perfect depiction of the infamous Norse realms such as Niflheim, Balheim, and Midgard. Dive into the Midgard and experience its deadly weather and brutality.

Mount & Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest

Mount & Blade: Warband is a medieval combat RPG that revolves around an adventurer who engages in medieval battles, allowing for a jaw-dropping battling experience. The video game is quite engrossing to immerse in and offers a beautiful presentation of Vikings in its Viking Conquest DLC. This DLC takes players to historical Dark Age Britain, where we witness Vikings unveiling their terror and great strength to the world.

The DLC offers a complex storyline, it takes place in a dark mysterious side of Ireland. You will be engaging in different activities varying from everyday chores to deadly exchanges with the enemy side, and based on your actions the outcome will emerge.

Volgarr the Viking

Volgarr the Viking is an action platformer that is known for its fast-paced gameplay. The game’s play style is similar to the classic 90s platformers and it pays homage to such games tremendously. The game follows a courageous and powerful Viking warrior named Volgarr. He is assigned by Odin to rescue his daughter from the clutches of Evil.

The game is pixelated and doesn’t boast any high-resolution gameplay, however, it is also the facet of the game which it is known for more or less. Equipped with essential tools for survival, you will battle against evil in harsh environments, and treacherous paths while overcoming numerous more challenges.

Conclusion: The Best Viking Role-Playing Video Game

It’s practically not possible to consider a certain Viking role-playing game the best, because there aren’t many quality games to begin with. What gamers have at the moment is a few Viking-themed RPGs that are immaculately impressive. However, while searching for gold we have found diamonds. In this list, we have enlisted top-notch games that offer flawless gameplay, amusing storytelling, vibrant graphics, and meticulous characters. What else could you ask for if your game has all these features?

Share your views on Viking role-playing games and your favorite game in the genre in the comments. Do you find them immersive or are they just another mediocre role-playing subgenre?

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