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Download The Lost Vikings for Free (Rock N’ Roll Racing too)


Something really great happened today: Blizzard decided to offer as a free download a couple of their older games, because the previously listed Blackthorne was feeling kind of lonely there. Therefore, starting today, gamers can taste a bit of gaming history by downloading for free The Lost Vikings, as well as Rock N’ Roll Racing. Because, yes, Blizzard used to be more than “that company that makes Diablo, Starcraft and WoW”.

In case you didn’t have the chance to play the games, you should know that The Lost Vikings was one of my favorite games as a kid, so you have to download it. If this still doesn’t matter, learn that we’re talking about a side scrolling action/puzzle game in which you control three different vikings, each with his own specialization. And the game is extremely difficult, because that’s how they used to make games back in the day. Oh, and you’ll surely have a favorite out of the three vikings.

And if you want to party like it’s 1993, then you have to download, also for free, Rock N’ Roll Racing. Created by Blizzard back when they were named Silicon & Synapse this is a battle racing game running on heavy metal and rock songs from big names such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple or Steppenwolf. It will also make you love George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone in case you’re not a fan already.

So, yes, some really nice weekend surprises coming from Blizzard today, and if you want to download any or all of the games offered for free, all you have to do is head over to and hit the download buttons!

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