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Best New Otome Games To Play In 2024

otome games new

Otome games are sweet and delightful, while marketed mostly towards women, these games cater to everyone regardless of gender. Every year hundreds of titles arrive in the game world to entertain and intrigue players. If you are on a journey to discover the best of this genre, then you have landed at the best place, because this blog is about new otome game releases of 2024.

10. Moonlight Dormitory: Otome

Stereotypically, Vampires are handsome species, whether they feature in an anime, a video game, or a novel. Moonlight Dormitory: Otome presents the same idea with some twists here and there. The game takes place in a boarding school of Vampires, where you assume the role of a new student exploring the mysterious side of the  Scarlet Hills school.

While exploring, you will encounter intriguing and prideful figures seeking true love. Your objective is to simulate the enigmatic and awkward situations and navigate the romance.

09. Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling

This is a banger, a captivating video game that exploits romantic comedy and some ecchi moments that can be taken positively. In this visual novel game, the players will play as Lynette Mirror, a former goddess of love. The heroine’s objective is to become a top bridal advisor but her clients challenge her with enigmatic and unexpected challenges.

While experiencing the bitterness of the cruel love, she finds herself slowly immersing in it. Players can engage in about 20 different endings offered by the game. It’s among the best new otome games, worth discovering.

08. NU: Carnival – Bliss

NU: Carnival – Bliss is a breathtaking BL Otome game. The game features a world where elemental spirits once existed and wreaked havoc. However, the Grand Sorcerer Huey established 5 altars that sealed elemental spirits and restored the balance. But the seal wasn’t complete which led to catastrophic events.

You are Isekaid to this magical world tasked with restoring the equilibrium. To maintain the balance, you will have to snatch every opportunity to strengthen your relationships, your decisions influence your outcome. The video game is widely known as one of the best BL games on mobile and they are aimed towards female audiences, simply considered an Otome game.

07. OBEY ME!

OBEY ME! is a fantasy-themed Otome simulation mobile game. Its plot unfolds in a demon school called RAD, where you, playing as an exchange student, have to complete a mountain of tasks that involves 7 Ikemen demon brothers.

Aspiring for thrilling romantic experiences? Join the OBEY ME! and engage in ordinary activities that shape your relationship with the Ikemen brothers.

The game also boasts a mini-game surrounding cards, you will defeat demons in the Devildom and the Ikemen brothers will be your helpers.

06. Angels’ Academy: Otome Game

This is the journey of a character stepping into a supernatural world where Angels exist. After a near-death experience, the player character finds herself accepted into a prestigious Angels’ Academy, a visually beautiful school with landscapes that are a testimony to the game’s in-depth interpretation of the Otome genre.

As the protagonist, you will engage in healing, music, and flight to earn wings and reach home. Explore whether true love has wings or not, join this immersive video game, and craft your tale.

05. Ikemen Villains Otome Game

Ikemen Villians Otome Game is the latest entry in the Ikemen video game series. This video game focuses on the regular elements of romance and comedy, building it up rapidly, and allowing players to engage in romantic development. The video game is based on the genre of reverse harem, where you will assume the role of a female protagonist flirting with four or more male characters.

In Ikemen Villians, the twist lies in its characters, the male characters aren’t your traditional heroes, instead, they are villains with negative motivations. This is a remarkable Otome games, best among the new titles.

04. Tengoku Struggle -Strayside-

Here’s an interesting title exclusive for Nintendo Switch that offers an unimaginable plot. The game takes place in a fascinating world, where every interaction leads to the development of a latent relationship. The game centers on a pardoning application that forgives people for the sins they have committed. The pure existence of this app provides hours of engrossing content, leading to mysteries and unexpected twists that keep players engaged for hours.

The game is worth the value, it has everything a traditional visual novel would have.

03. Piofiore: Fated Memories

Piofiore: Fated Memories is a blend of action-oriented and Otome-themed gameplay that is set in vintage Italy. The game follows Liliana Adornato, a woman who finds herself entwined between the terror of mafia families. She must navigate dangerous routes and survive in hazardous environments.

Despite the inclusion of the action genre, the game provides a typical Otome progressing format. Your interactions will be decisive, forging a path that will decide the outcome of your actions. The game features 5 main characters, each possessing different personalities and skills.

02. Oops, I Said Yes?!

Oops, I Said Yes?! is a visual novel game that enhances the romantic adventure of an office worker, who accidentally gets married to a coworker while drunk. What do you do next? You must navigate this uncalled-for moment and discover what true love is along the way.

The game has interactive storytelling, which allows players to make dynamic decisions, and shape the outcome in several ways. If you want to experience new Otome games that emphasize creative gameplay this video game must not be skipped.

01. Love and Deepspace

Romantic games are everywhere, on every console and device, however, this genre of games is tremendously numberless on mobile devices. And it’s unfathomable to think that Otome games not only offer intensive gameplay but its content comes in stunning visual quality and graphics fidelity.

In Love and Deepspace, players will experience engaging in life-like interactions, unique character designs alongside intricate responses that complement to game’s brilliance. It’s a game where you can live your dream-like virtual life in a virtual world with your fictional partner. The game launched early this year, and it’s certainly worth a try at least.

Conclusion: New Otome Games

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned Otome games fan or a newcomer exploring the facets of games that awe-struck enthusiasts, this list provides a pure collection of newly released highly acclaimed Otome games. From romantic comedy to romance buildup, these games allow you to experience every bit of it.

Are you satisfied with this dose of new Otome games? If not then write in comments on which piece is missing here. For more updates, check out our Facebook and Instagram.

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