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Refined Vampire Knight Video Games

Vampire Knight Anime Games

Are there any Vampire Knight Anime Games? That’s probably the question you might be searching and looking for an answer to. Vampire theme is diverse, whether it’s anime or video games, you will probably see one or more vampire video games and anime series always ranking on the top charts.

The anime Vampire Knight itself is known for having some of the best over-dramatic scenes. It kind of gives vibes of an Otome game, although it is serious thematically. Despite the anime’s immense popularity, we still don’t have any video games from the franchise to play on our computers and consoles.

It’s almost been 15 years, and we still haven’t heard of any anime sequel under production or a game under development. And that’s why the questions like When is Vampire Anime Video Game coming? What’s delaying it? And what device could you use to play the video game? Are rising among fans. But don’t worry, We are here to answer all of your questions, but you have to stick with us until the very end to find out everything about the video game that you may need to know.

Vampire Knight Introduction

Just by reading the title out loud, we could figure out two things. The first one is, there are Vampires in this series and the second one is there are also knights in this series.

The Vampire Knight series focuses on the mystery and drama that occurs in the daily lives of high school students. Cross Yuuki, The protagonist is the female lead of Vampire Knight who has a cheerful personality and enjoys her life as it is. She studies in an Academy where humans and Vampires coexist.

However, she is often the center of the drama between Kuran Kaname, a pure vampire, and Kiryuu Zero, her close friend, both studying in the same Academy. Both these characters are always calm and composed, and speak when needed. Both of these characters sort of had a connection with Yuuki from when she was little. Zero is her childhood friend, who has been missing for years and suddenly pops out of nowhere. Meanwhile, Kaname saved Yuuki from another vampire who tried to harm her.

The Vampire Knight series pays more than enough attention to the mystery genre, keeping the characters always puzzled and curious to find the solution.

Is there a Vampire Knight Game?

Now’s the real question, are there any Vampire Knight anime video games, that series’ die-hard fans can play? The most straightforward answer to this question is no. There aren’t any Vampire Knight Anime Games available that you could play online.

But if we were to jump about a decade back, there was a Nintendo DS game titled Vampire Knight DS. It was an Otome game, where you play as the female lead and get to enjoy the video game with different routes. It followed the original lore and also had exclusive bonus side stories that gamers could enjoy.

If you still own a Nintendo DS, you might be able to play it. But finding a copy of it already is an award-winning feat. If You want one, you could buy used copies from third-party sources online or in local markets.

Vampire Knight DS is the only original game belonging to the franchise, there is no other available game right now.

Vampire Knight Anime Games: Release Date Speculation

One cannot speculate a release date, if there is no foundation to do it. The source material for the anime and the Vampire Knight DS video game was manga. After a runtime of almost 10 years, the manga concluded for good.

And that was the last time we had anything from the franchise. Well, we could expect a game, if the anime gets rebooted. But the chances of it happening are very slim.

What’s Causing the Vampire Knight Anime Games from Producing?

The anime started airing in 2007 with the first season and concluded in the year 2008 with 2 seasons in total. That was about 15 years ago, In that period we could have seen the anime and the video games of the franchise evolve, that is if it was consistent. It could have gained a large number of fans and those fans would have demanded the video game. But the series was not treasured as much as it deserved.

If the sequels of the anime were to be made, it would have also benefited gamers. If a certain anime or video game stays outdated for a very long time, it eventually goes downhill. Sadly, That’s what happened with Vampire Knight.

How Could Vampire Knight Video Games Affect the Vampire Genre as a Whole?


  • A new game of Vampire Knight will surely revive the series once again. Nostalgia will make the fans get back to reading the manga, watching the anime, and playing the old video game too.
  • The consumers may be able to see the visible development in all the primary and secondary characters.
  • We might be able to play the game in the English language, the previous Vampire Knight game was available only in the Japanese language.
  • There will be newer locations, maps, and bonus mini-games that consumers may be able to enjoy.


  • It’s the year 2023, not everyone will go back to enjoying a vampire-themed Otome video game.
  • The animation style is too poor, it can’t match with any of the modern video games.
  • The game has graphical and violent scenes, which may not be suitable for everyone.
  • The story would be boring if the game were to come with the same old lore, because the story is predictable, and there are no events that stand out throughout the whole anime.

Is There Any Romance in Vampire Knight?

Vampire Knight Indeed showcases romance too, the two primary male leads, Zero and Kaname, are head over heels for the female lead, Yuuki. Instead of following a normal healthy relationship between two characters, the series leads to a love triangle.

Yuuki can’t decide who to choose out of the two, on one side of her she has her childhood friend and vampire hunter Zero and on the other side, she has Kaname, her childhood crush.

The Academy is full of handsome boys, and they occupy most of the screen time, leading fans to think Vampire Knight is a reverse harem series.

The series explores betrayal, and loyalty and depicts the sacrifices one has to make to keep the other one happy. The internet regards Vampire Knight as one of the most perplexing and weird series. There are times when the romance in this series will feel beyond okay, it becomes creepy just at a glance.


Vampire Knight probably is a fair-rated anime, but it’s a series that’s not very visible in the spotlight. Vampire Knight video games are not coming, and don’t even wait for it.

We recommend you play the Vampire Knight DS video game, if you have the right accessories, but if not look for another game with a similar theme.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Vampire Knight. Comment down, tell us and the whole community on what you think of Vampire Knight video games. We will be reading all the comments.

Faq about Vampire Knight Video Games

In hopes of hearing some good news, anime fans look up these questions on the internet, and we thought of adding them, they could help you out.

Is Vampire Knight appropriate for 12 year old?

If you look up the game on Wikipedia or other stats websites, you can find that the anime is tagged PG-13. Only audiences over the age of 13 years could watch the anime. So no it’s not appropriate to let a 12-year-old kid watch Vampire Knight.

Why did they cancel Vampire Knight?

Earlier I stated that the last addition to the anime was in 2008, and the manga ended in 2013. I also stated that the source material for anime and video games is manga. If the anime ended 5 years before its main source material, then they wouldn’t be able to create more episodes or sequels. They had to wait for the manga to progress enough so they could plan the new episode.

Is Vampire Knight DS a free game?

Vampire Knight DS is not a free game. First of all, you can’t get it online, the game is only available for Nintendo DS. You can buy it from a local store that sells Nintendo DS games.

Before you go, tell us your thoughts in the comments we are interested to see what you think of the Vampire Knight series. And if you have any updates or news on the release of upcoming video games, please comment down below. We are eager to read your thoughts.


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