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Ubisoft confirms Sao Paulo in Brazil to host Six Invitational 2024

Six Invitational

In a historic twist for the world of Rainbow Six Esports, the upcoming Six Invitational is set to make its mark in Latin America, finding its home at the illustrious Ginásio do Ibirapuera in São Paulo, Brazil.

Mark your calendars, as this exciting event spans three thrilling phases, unfolding from the 13th to the 25th of February. Notably, the second round of playoffs will be open to the public during the event’s final weekend, promising a spectacle of epic proportions.

In the last decade, eSports has become one of the fastest-growing activities on the planet that gets a lot of attention even from mass media. In this event in Brazil, you will be able to witness that frenzy hype. Here are some of the best eSports teams in Rainbow Six competing against each other.

But, we are here to talk about the Six Invitational coming in 2024.

The Clash of Titans

São Paulo will play host to the gathering of the globe’s top 20 Rainbow Six Siege teams, all vying for a remarkable prize pool of $3 million and the coveted title of the world’s finest Rainbow Six squad.

Nothing has changed in terms of the prize pool for the Six Siege tournament, as previous years was also $3 million. One of the things we noticed from the past is that the peak viewers have experienced a slight drop. In 2018, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege invitational had 316,096 peak viewers, and in 2022 it came down to 272,714.

Maybe bringing the tournament to South America will change things and make it more popular.

The Road to Glory

The Six Invitational’s group stage is slated to feature the cream of the crop, the top 20 teams in Global Standings at the conclusion of the season.

They’ll be divided into four groups of five teams, with the first four from each group advancing to the playoffs while the fifth team faces an early exit. Once in the playoffs, the 16 remaining teams will engage in a double-elimination showdown, with all matches adhering to a Best of 3 format.

The climax of the event will see the last six teams battling it out at the Arena Ibirapuera, all with the dream of hoisting the iconic hammer aloft. Expect nail-biting encounters throughout, with one exception being the grand final, set to unravel in a Best of 5 format. Moreover, this final round will also feature a reveal panel offering insights into the eagerly anticipated Year 9.

Save the Dates

For those eager to mark their calendars, here are the key dates to etch into your memory for the Six Invitational:

Group Stage: February 13th – 17th

Playoffs – Part 1: February 19th – 21st

Playoffs – Part 2: February 23rd – 25th, with a live audience gracing the Ginásio do Ibirapuera.

Where to Witness the Action

Die-hard fans and eager viewers can catch all the Six Invitational action on the official Rainbow Six Esports YouTube and Twitch channels. Additionally, tickets for the electrifying final weekend can be secured here.

Ticket Tiers

Speaking of tickets, here’s the lowdown on pricing:

Elite (Unreserved Ground Floor Seating):

3-day pass: Approximately $130+fees or $110+fees (early bird) – Comes with a special merch bundle.

Gold (General Admission Unreserved Seating):

3-day pass: Approximately $90+fees or $75+fees (early bird) – Also includes a special merch bundle.

Operator (General Admission Unreserved Seating):

  • 3-day pass: Approximately $30+fees or $24+fees (early bird)
  • 1-day pass for Friday, 23rd February: Approximately $8+fees or $7+fees (early bird)
  • 1-day pass for Saturday, 24th February: Approximately $10+fees or $9+fees (early bird)
  • 1-day pass for Sunday, 25th February: Approximately $10+fees or $9+fees (early bird)

Who’s Invited?

It’s important to note that the event is open to individuals aged 18 and above. However, those aged 16 and 17 can also attend with parental consent, provided in written form.

For those under 16, unfortunately, the event is not accessible. Students, on the other hand, can enjoy a 50% discount on all ticket prices, making it even more accessible to younger esports enthusiasts.

The Ultimate Showdown

The Six Invitational represents the thrilling climax of a year’s worth of Rainbow Six Esports action. So, don’t miss your chance to witness the pinnacle of the Rainbow Six Siege competition, where the next World Champion will be crowned.

Top Teams to Watch For

Throughout history, there have been a few teams that have become favorites for winning the tournament and have proven to be the most consistent when it comes to playing official tournament matches.

First of all, we have team Liquid with 307 professional matches played, then FaZe with 292, NiP with 271, Empire with 263, and of course, G2 with 253.

But the Six Siege Invitational isn’t a surprise that is coming to Latin America, and for a good reason.

The game is quite popular in that region and one data proves that. Out of all the players that competed in all the professional tournaments so far (3149) majority of them are from Brazil. In fact, Brazil comes in second place just after the US with 325 players competing in such tournaments.

One thing is for sure, this is going to be an incredible event that every tactical shooter fan should watch.

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