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Top 5 Pokken Pokemon


It’s finally happened. Since it’s announcement for arcades across Japan, Wii U owners everywhere have been praying for Pokken Tournament to come to consoles. Now Nintendo have given the green light with a release due in Spring 2016. Cheers cried out throughout the planet. Not only are we getting a new Pokemon game but we are getting a console one. A very rare occurrence.

Already announced are big hitters like Pickachu,  Charizard, Machamp & Lucario but who else could be among these “elite four”. Sure Gengar and Blaziken are nice inclusions but who really are the Crème de la crème of Pokemon? Who deserves to battle it out in gorgeous HD? Now of course this is my own opinion. I have however took into consideration what the general Pokemon community want along with some unexpected and therefore fresh faces. So hopefully there’s a strong mix that gives an even stronger collection.

Let’s get this (Poke)ball rolling:


Pokken Blastoise

How can this character not be included? Yes you could argue if Charizard and Blastoise both make appearances then so should Venusaur. I would agree but out of the two Blastoise would get the nod. The large turtle with two shotguns on it’s back seems a likely choice and would be a popular choice among fans.  Flooding the field with Surf, bashing opponents with a Skull-Bash or simply sending them flying with a devastating Hydro Pump. As one of the main faces of Pokemon we would also get to recreate the infamous final battle between Ash and Gary; Blastoise Vs Charizard. It’s something we all want. This is without mentioning the new mega-evolution…


Pokken Dragonite

We may already have one dragon but as you know with Game of Thrones one is never enough. Dragonite descendant of the first generation gets overlooked from time to time, so now is the perfect opportunity for the small winged dragon to make an entrance. Dragonite has a great variety of moves that could be incorporated. From a chilly Ice Punch to a obliterating Hyper Beam this Pokemon has it all. One other thing to note is it can fly faster than the speed of sound. Plenty of room to improvise and create a worthy move set.


Pokken Muk

Another overlooked Pokemon from generation one. In the anime series Muck was always known as the comical one. Suddenly smothering any person it could gets its hands on (in a good way), Muk is due for a return. The stick, amorphous Pokemon is filled with poison making him a unique addition with plenty of attacks. Whether using Sludge, Poison gas or my personal favorite Mud-slap Muk is guaranteed to raise a few smiles. Controlling a giant purple sludge has always been a dream of mine. I cant be the only one right?



By this point you can tell I heavily favor generation one, anyway my next choice is the upside down Poke Ball will a short fuse. Now, no matter how many times I’ve played through a Pokemon game I dont think I’ve ever caught an Electrode with intent of actually using it as one of my mains. This is Pokken though and I think ticking time bomb could be amazing. First it’s a ball so rolling around the field could be enjoyable in itself. Yes another electric type but the main draw of Electrode is its unpredictable nature. Imagine the fight is not going so well your beach ball friend is taking a right beating. It’s time to bring out the big guns. Unleashing a Self-Destruct that eradicates everything in sight before clouds parts leaving nothing but a huge grin.


Groudon 2

Finally another generation. Quite possibly one of the most badass looking Pokemon to ever grace the game, Groudon has always been a fan favorite. We’ve seen him explode out of Poke balls enough times in Smash Bros so it’s about time we actual get to control this beast. Similar to Godzilla in stature Groudon really seems like he could do some serious damage. Possibly too much in fact with the legendary having the ability to control continents to his desire he may pack too much weight for a one on one. At the least he needs to invade or affect the battlefield in some way. Then again Suicune has been added so there is a chance. To put it simply I think he would be cool; I mean look at him

Honorable mentions: Mewtwo, Tyranitar & Venusaur 

Obviously these are my choices but i’m sure we will see many more inclusions to the roster in the coming months. Which Pokemon do you want to see added to Pokken Tournament? Leave us a comment below and tell us why.



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