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There’s No Way Persona 5 Comes Out this Year

Persona 5

According to the official website for Persona 5 the game is still coming out this year, which is simply untrue. 2015 is too vague and is more likely a placeholder date until Atlus gets a better idea of when the game actually comes out.

Considering that we haven’t really seen much of the game, and that it had no large presence at E3, it seems like the Persona 5 game isn’t close to going gold. There are still two more opportunities within the coming months to make the announcement, during Gamescom or TGS. However, those two shows focus on European and Japanese releases respectively and we are unlikely to get a North American release announcement for any game out of both of those shows. There is still a chance for the game to be released in Japan this year, but considering the time a game takes to go through a translation, the task of releasing this game this year in other countries seems impossible.

The only real chance of this game being released in 2015 is if Atlus has been doing a ton of work on the game with no press bothering them for announcements, but by now something would’ve leaked online. Personally, I love this series more than any other turn-based JRPG series, so I would love for this game to come out this year, I just can’t muster the strength to get my hopes up.

That being said, if in a few weeks there’s an announcement on an exact, North American, 2015 release date I will immediately write a follow up article to this with the headline simply being, “I Was Wrong, Take my Money”.

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