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Best Rhythm Games on PS4

Best Rhythm Games on PS4

The rhythm games genre on PS4 has a strong flavor, players are amused to play rhythm games on PS4 rather than any other console. However, even among hundreds of titles, only a few are promising titles. In this blog, we will be taking a glimpse at some of the best rhythm games. Our motivation is to find you the best and most highly acclaimed video games, and this is another episode of looking for the best to exist. Let’s begin the countdown.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is ultimately behind the success of Rhythm games. The video game fascinated people on a grand scale, creating traction even in non-gamers and neutrals. Beat Saber is a popular video game that offers gripping gameplay, players use VR to slash the flying tiles. The titles are synced with the beat, you must hit all the targets in the correct patterns. Certainly, the game features roguelike elements. When a match ends due to a mistake, the gameplay starts from scratch.

The video game features a variety of songs and purely difficult levels. Providing unique gameplay with a combo of music, rhythm, and fast-paced movement.

Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight (Rhythm Games PS4)

Persona is an iconic video game franchise that is mostly known for its action-adventure titles. However, this series never falls short when talking about rhythm or musical games. Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight is an intriguing video game where players experience original characters engaging in dance battles. Players have to match the rhythm with the soundtrack running. Talking about soundtracks, there is a broad collection of songs and remixes of the previous installments that you can bop to.

As players advance, they will come across relatively difficult levels. These levels will be both challenging and rewarding. Once players overcome the conspicuously difficulty levels, they will unlock new songs and accessories to help them in the gameplay.

PaRappa The Rapper

Do you want to hear some dope bars? The rap that can send chills down your spine and bring a big smile to your face? PaRappa The Rapper is what you should seek to indulge in. PaRappa The Rapper is a game about an anthropomorphic rapping dog, who’s on a daring journey to win the heart of a girl named Sunny Funny. However, he has a love rival who is also aiming for Sunny Funny.

PaRappa’s journey is about taking lessons from experienced teachers and training in the art of freestyle rapping. In terms of gameplay, the video game is similar to Friday Night Funkin’. Players have to correspondingly hit the buttons to match the rhythm.

Everhood: Eternity Edition (Rhythm Games PS4)

Everhood: Eternity Edition is an adventure and musical video game that offers rhythm-based bullet hell game elements. In the video game, players control a flying doll dodging through musical battles that match the music. The graphics are a blend of solid colors and organic geometrical mechanics. The video game offers narrative-based gameplay, where we explore the uncanny maps and several realms.

The Eternity Edition is the enhanced version of the classic Everhood musical battle. The returners can experience gameplay enhancements, technical improvements, and additional content. Moreover, there are fewer bugs and glitches which are resolved the moment they are found.

Hatsune Miku: Project Dive X

Hatsune Miku: Project Dive X is a rhythm video game featuring the world-famous artist Hatsune Miku. The video game is centered around rhythm and timing, as players dive into the beat-matching aspect. In the video game, players are challenged to help Miku and her friends dance and sing through five different stages. Whether you like the classic music of Hatsune Miku or are eager to hear new, Hatsune Miku: Project Dive X introduces players to over 30 astounding songs.

The video game boasts high-quality visuals together with soothing soundtracks. Players can customize their characters, change music, and start their journey brimming with action.

This marvelous video game has received acclaim from critics and gamers alike, making it in the list of some of the best rhythm video games.

Goodbye Volcano High (Rhythm Games PS4)

“Goodbye Volcano High” is an adventure video game that is heavily reliant on the story. The story centers on Fang, a non-binary pterodactyl, and his connection with his high school bandmates. The players can pan the story in any direction. Players have the control to make choices that impact Fang’s relationships and the video game’s outcomes. Nevertheless, players discover, self-growth, acceptance, and relationship complexities.

The rhythm-matching gameplay involves time-based challenges, which adds some sprinkles to the usual gameplay. To complete the nooks and crannies of this rich narrative, players have to spend a few consecutive hours to complete the entirety of the plot. To be specific, 8 hours on average is the duration of the gameplay.

No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads is a vibrant musical and action-adventure video game. In the video game, players witness the duel of an indie rock duo battling against an EDM empire. You control Mayday or Zuke the faithful members of an indie rock band who are aiming to liberate the Vinyl City. It is a humongous city that generates its power by converting music to energy.

The video game encompasses an expansive map, which players explore with awe at vibrant worlds. Every battle is gripping due to the extremely dynamic music gameplay. The combat mechanics heavily influence the music. The fascinating realm of No Straight Roads has expectedly received acclaim, mostly for how colorful the video game is.

Conclusion: Rhythm Games PS4

How was your experience discovering Rhythm and musical games? If you are unaware of these titles, you should delve into them as these video games are meticulously detailed and immaculately fancied by gaming enthusiasts. Rhythm video games can enlighten the value of your PS4, as these video games will keep you immersed in your PS4. Try these video games and come back to drop your favorite title. Before you leave, follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we actively publish the relevant game content.

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