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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 ‘A Crooked Mile’ Preview

Crooked Mile

The next episode of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us is releasing this week on April 8th and new stunning facts are about to be disclosed. Fabletown is living a true horror scenario with the mysterious serial killer on the loose but Bigby, as well as other Crooked Mile factions, seem to be getting closer to the truth. Will they finally get a glimpse of reality? Or will they get misled by devious information again?

Episode 3: ‘A Crooked Mile’ Preview

In the last episode, Smoke and Mirrors, Bigby faced many twisted facts. Snow White’s death was nothing but a glamour delusion, the Woodsman proved his innocence, Toad seems to be involved with the real murderer, and Georgie Porgie became the prime suspect. But the most stunning revelation was done at the end of the episode, when Bigby finds solid evidence that incriminates Ichabod Crane. Now, in A Crooked Mile, everyone’s trying to catch the hypothetical guilty one. But if there’s anything to be aware of with the past two episodes is the fact that what normally seems to be ends up being something else. So, I’m quite confident that Ichabod is not the killer. He might have been involved with the murdered girls somehow but that’s probably all there is to discover.

Telltale Games has recently launched a release trailer for the third episode with more accurate information about the upcoming events. Watch it here but be aware of the spoilers:

Destroying the Mirror will disable Bigby from finding Crane and anyone else.

1. Ichabod Crane: Innocent or Guilty?

Every lead points towards Crane but there’s something that doesn’t feel right. Mostly because Telltale has been producing deceitful facts one after the other, which makes me think this is just another play. But that’s not all. Even if a few facts may incriminate Crane, where’s the motive? He seems to have affections for Snow White, despite his terrible temper. In fact, he deeply mourned her death and he seemed genuinely miserable about it. On the other hand, his escape seems a bit off. I know, when you run away it means you’re guilty… normally. But if you’re being framed for something you didn’t do and there’s no way to prove otherwise, then running away might seem the best solution for the time being. I think that’s the case, thus why Crane destroyed the magic Mirror. That way, no one will be able to find him. And who knows, maybe new leads will be found in the meanwhile.

The Tweedles – Is it just business?

2. The Tweedles: What’s the Catch?

The Tweedle brothers are always intervening in this case. Whenever Bigby finds something, they are either ahead or aware of the new lead. They are supposed private investigators but what’s the catch? Who is their client and what’s his/her interest in finding the real murderer? Or perhaps, it’s the real murdered who’s trying to gather every bit of information concerning the murder cases. That way, he could always be one step ahead of Bigby and assure he’s never caught. But there’s another option. It could be someone willing to take over Bigby’s position. Finding the real murderer before the sheriff, would prove that Bigby is rather incompetent and poorly suitable for his position. Regardless their real purpose, the Tweedle brothers are determined to accomplish their goal no matter the costs and they’ll return for another fierce and steady rivalry.

Grendel has done something terrible and the Woodsman is not so happy about it.

3. Grendel and the Woodsman: Trust and Betrayal

The Woodsman proved his innocence in the last episode. He might be an indecent man but he’s no killer, at least that’s what he claimed. But can the same be told about his friend Grendel? This fable monster is normally aggressive and unreceptive. More, he’s truly dissatisfied with Bigby lack of results. Would it be surprising that he has taken action into his own hands? In the new trailer, Grendel and the Woodsman can be seen fighting. What’s left to know, however, is why the two friends are being hostile towards each other.

Changes are coming to Fabletown under the name of Bluebeard.

4. Bluebeard: Wind of Changes

With Crane gone, the presidency seat is empty but not for long. Bluebeard, a rich and famous fable will step up and get a hold of the town’s management. The curious fact is that Bluebeard used to be a serial killer, however he seems to be a bit different now and devoted to his new ambitions. Power is always a main attraction for the wealthy ones but could there be any hidden motives behind his presidency desires? If by any chance Bluebeard killed Faith and Lilly, then it would make perfect sense to frame Crane and take his seat – security guaranteed.

The big bad wolf will reveal his true form in A Crooked Mile.

5. Bigby: Losing Control

Since the ending of episode one, Bigby has been previewed to lose control and assume his true fable form – a big and frightening werewolf. It seems that episode three will feature that anticipated moment, where for some reason Bigby will embrace his wild shape. Will he be forced to break his humanity to fight back? Or will pressure and commitment lead him to a breakdown? I’m not sure what will make him go wild but one thing is for sure, it has to be a very strong and meaningful event.

6. ‘You Have No Idea of What’s Going On’

In the end, players really have no clue of what’s going on. And no matter how much prediction is done, there are always a couple of unexpected revelations that turn tables around. In the new trailer, a female voice resembling Holly’s states: You have no idea of what’s going on. Do you? And that’s exactly how I would describe the storyline until now. Nothing is conclusive, everything is uncertain. But isn’t this surprise element that keeps the story going? What makes players engaged and thrilled with the next episodes? It’s obvious that this play-act will eventually end but for now, it will continue as fierce as ever.

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