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Take Buildings Down and Build for Profit in Demolish & Build Company 2017

An extremely fun simulation game has just been launched on Steam: Demolish & Build Company 2017. I like games whose titles tell you everything about the gameplay and this one makes no exception. Yes, it’s a game that give you the chance to destroy buildings for profit and fun: from wooden shacks to huge structures, using large vehicles or skilled workers, you will wreak havoc and destroy structures like there’s no tomorrow.

Then, you’ll use the money earned from this to build your own structures in an open world type of game to make even more money and become the construction mogul you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Who knows… maybe a future patch will even let you run for president!

All jokes aside, Demolish & Build Company 2017 is a really nice game for those who enjoy playing this type of simulation titles and spend hours maneuvering huge vehicles, roaming the open worlds and doing as they please, all while taking down huge structures and building others.

Just check out the trailer below to see all the amazing things you can do in Demolish & Build Company 2017:

I know that this is not a game for everybody since it has no aliens and rifles, but sometimes a blowtorch, a wrench and a multi-ton vehicle taking down a building with a huge concrete ball is just as fun. It’s up for you to decide – just make sure to check out the official Steam Store page of this game for even more details.

And don’t forget to let us know: did you try this game? Did you enjoy playing it?

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