5 Things Players Should Know About Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Square Enix has put out a number of mobile games in the last few years. Its not surprising since the mobile amd handheld market has been thriving in the region while console sales have stalled. Im not a big mobile gamer because of micro transactions and data usage but I wanted to check it out. I have played the game for a few hours and have unlocked all of the basic mechanics. Here are 5 things players should know when playing Brave Exvius.

Brave Exvius Has All The Final Fantasy Staples

BE Shiva Summon
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I feel like whenever I write about Final fantasy games that aren’t the main series that this has to be the first thing I say. The game has crystals, summons, chocobos, classes or jobs and of course fan service with our past favorite characters. There are quests, towns, dungeons and Npcs to talk to an deliver their stories. The summons have 3D animations and the characters as well as the environment are beautiful. The game reminds me of a traditional jrpg in this way which was a surprise. Anyone who is the fan of the series wont be disappointed.

The MSQ Is Designed To Be Completed In Small Bites

BE Story Scene
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It is a mobile game so the story and elements are designed to be flexible to pick up and put down on the go. The MSQ is completed in  series of battles, initially 3 or 4 plus a boss fight at the end. Each fight can be completed individually so you dont have to binge it or lose progress. There is usually a story section when u first enter a new area then there is dialogue during each fight. The areas are challenging and it wasnt until I got to the castle dungeon where I had to start grinding levels a bit to not get owned.

I have gotten to the point where players need energy to enter certain dungeons and battles. This is a way to pace the fights and disengage from the game. Or to get you to buy Lapis for more energy.

The Battle System Is Easy To Use But Hard To Master

BE Battle System
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Players are able to press their character’s icon block to perform a basic attack. To get to magic, items and summons will require players to swipe in the cardinal directions. I forgot several times to swipe before getting to magic for my mages and wasted attacks so paying attention is key. Monsters do have elemental weaknesses so remembering that can make encounters easier. Also, players are able to bring a “companion”, other players playing the game, with them. Its not level capped so if you have a high level friend it can change the tide of the encounter. There are also summons in the game that can be used when the gauge is filled.

I mentioned grinding earlier, so at times players may need to go to previously explored areas to grind in the newly accessible dungeon. It has all of the normal features like random encounters to help boost levels. This isn’t really a battle feature but to make your characters have higher levels, players can fuse lower level characters through to boost experience.

The Forge System Can Be Complicated

BE Home Screen
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There are treasure chests in dungeons that drop gear and items but more than likely you will be making your own stuff. Shops in town sell recipes for gear, items and abilities that players will have to forage for materials to make. Npcs also give recipes as rewards or they can be found exploring towns. The items can be made in 5 minutes but there is only one slot for each category initially. Players will need to buy more slots with the in game currency Lapis. More on that in a minute.

My main issue with this is that they don’t say where these materials drop the most frequently or even keep track of the items you find per dungeon. Players don’t need to be in a town to make items because it can be found in the home screen.

Micro transactions Are Here But Not Intrusive

“The game gives you several ways to earn lapis and summons through daily bonuses, completing the coliseum challenges and completing NPC quests”.

This could be my personal feeling about it but so far the cash grab hasn’t been that bad. I’m still at early levels so I don’t know if it increases more past the tutorial phase. The game currency is called Lapis and you can buy it to use for pretty much everything. The things you can buy are chances to summon more and rarer characters, energy, orbs for the coliseum, items etc. The game gives you several ways to earn lapis and summons through daily bonuses, completing the coliseum challenges and completing NPC quests. You can earn higher weapons through competing in the coliseum and more by using your friends in battles. This way is longer but it can be done which is what I appreciate.

In Conclusion:

So far I can recommend the game if your bored and have the data to spare. If you’re interested in trying the Brave Exvius for yourself you can find a link to the official website here. The game is available for Android and IOS devices.

Have you tried Brave Exvius? If What do you think about it? What other mobile JRPGs do you recommend? Let us know in the comments section.

Nintendo To Start Making Mobile Games

nintendo and dena


Nintendo will partner with Japanese mobile development giant DeNA (pronounced DNA) to create mobile games for iOS. The move comes after years of pressure from the company’s fans and shareholders alike to move into mobile gaming.

In a DeNA press release, it was announced that “both companies will develop and operate new game apps based on Nintendo’s IP, including its iconic game characters, for smart devices.” In other words, we might be seeing Mario and Zelda mobile games as well as brand new games. But if you’ve been waiting for a mobile port of the original Zelda or Pokemon games, you’re going to be disappointed. Nintendo also said they would not be making any direct ports of their older games, “only new original games optimized for smart device functionality will be created.”

Along with the mobile gaming announcement, it also teased a new console called Nintendo NX. There’s no information about the NX yet, other than that it will be a part of a brand new Nintendo membership service (similar to how Club it was before it was shut down), which will encompass all Nintendo devices and smartphones. We shouldn’t expect to learn anything new about the NX until next year.

Nintendo NX Plans

Nintendo were quick to make clear that their move into mobile gaming is not to replace their console games. Instead, the mobile games seem to be intended as a way to generate more sales of their console games, presumably by generating enough interest in the smaller-scale mobile games to encourage users to buy a Nintendo console. It’s not the way most people expected Nintendo to go when they finally made the jump to mobile gaming, and it’s also left a lot of people cynical that Nintendo will adopt a free-to-play model, supported by in-game microtransactions, that makes console gamers cringe.

That cynicism is understandable. DeNA, founded in 1999, launched Mobage Toww in 2006 (known as Mobage today). Mobage is a social mobile gaming platform, designed to encourage players to connect with their friends to facilitate the spread of freemium games. Nintendo is not the first company to trust DeNA with its IP. Mobage today hosts Star Wars games, Transformers games, Blood Brothers, and even Peter Molyneux’s Godus. When it comes to making free-to-play games, there’s no one better than DeNA. They hold several of the top-grossing free-to-play games in the world, and they all rely on in-game purchases.

Nintendo recently tested the free-to-play waters with its free 3DS title, Pokemon Shuffle. It was basically Candy Crush for the 3DS, right down to even the microtransaction system. Given that Nintendo has already waded into the murky free-to-play waters, it makes sense that whatever mobile games it plans on releasing will follow a similar model. That’s why they partnered with DeNA. The move has raised concerns with console gamers, but at this stage there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Nintendo seems to want its mobile games to compliment is console games, which means its core 3DS and WiiU releases shouldn’t be affected.

Regardless of how gamers feel about the announcement, it seems investors are jumping for joy. Nintendo’s share prices went up by 27.5 per cent for the day to $18.22 per share. Nintendo’s stock price hasn’t been that high since early 2014.