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Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake Review: A Factual Review

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

The connection between Mario and Donkey Kong remains evergreen, gamers and series fans love it when both universes collide creating expansive and beautiful memories, but it’s time to review those memories and relive the experiences because Mario vs. Donkey Kong is here to stay. It’s a crossover spin-off of the Mario and Donkey Kong franchise. The video game is a puzzle-based platform adventure released globally on February 16th, 2024, on Nintendo Switch. The video game with the same name emerged in 2004, narrating the tale of the rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong. But how does the modern remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong compare to the classic hit?

Introduction to the Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Review)

The classic Donkey Kong video game series, where an ape carried the barrels on various trap-filled levels and sabotaged players from advancing, has come a long way. So have the Mario franchise with its involvement in diverse genres and sub-niches. Now that the 2004 version has been remade, the fans are returning to indulge in the unique makeover of the gameplay. The video game comes with additional content such as new worlds, extra modes, and visual optimization. It showcases our plumber being himself, doing extraordinary stuff, and the mischievous gorilla, keeping his energy at the maximum level.

The video game begins with Donkey Kong infiltrating Mario’s new toy store to steal mini Mario toys fresh off the market. Donkey Kong snatches every last one and escapes without making a squeak. You as the player have to retrieve the stolen toys and can’t let Donkey Kong go unpunished. You need to work with great effort and make sure to teach Donkey Kong a lifelong lesson. The remake comes with over 130 unique levels, each setting a new challenge for the player. The fun doesn’t seize here, there are also two fresh maps to level up your experience. Moreover, the remake adopts the modern art style with vibrant color, great visual details, and stunning graphics.


The gameplay of Mario vs. Donkey Kong strains your brain and reflexes rather than your eyes. In the video game, you have to strategize your plans, collect the required items, and rescue the toys.

At the end of each world, players will face Donkey Kong in arcade-style mode combat. Who is also ready to counter your plans and give you a hard time.

Mario can jump, sprint, tackle, and climb, which isn’t an ordinary feat for Mario, as he is familiar with acrobatic moves and can pull off pretty daring stunts. Certainly, Instead of following the original style of Mario, the video game adapts the Mario film animation and swift movement.

The video game introduces new gameplay modes that the world isn’t familiar with. In addition to casual campaign mode, players can now conquer the classic mode which is timed and challenging without checkpoints. Lastly, the players can unlock advanced levels, which unlock when they participate in real-time activities and events.

The video game utilizes the cooperative mode to meet gamers’ requirements. In this mode, one player will control the toad and search for keys while the others will carry on their usual objective to progress.

We must clarify the confusion, Mario vs. Donkey Kong isn’t an intended remake, it serves as a standoff, but due to the same title, we can assume it’s a remake.

Visual Quality and Animation

The one thing that stays in the spotlight in this delightful game is undoubtedly visual upgradation. Cutscenes have been reimagined in higher fidelity, the visuals are more vibrant and original than ever. The enhancement of the screen size compatibility is less talked about, players can see relatively small objects without swapping or turning the screen around.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong’s interface pays homage to the 2004 edition, removing unnecessary options floating on the screen but with nearly identical interface.

As we stated earlier, the animation style of Mario vs. Donkey Kong isn’t flashy or overdone, the video game adopted the animation style of the film: The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Technically, the video game runs at 1080p and 720p with up to 60FPS. If you love the authentic gameplay of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, this remake will ignite your interest once again.


The cast of characters in Mario vs. Donkey Kong brings a nostalgic wave and excitement. Mario, the fan favorite is taking the lead alongside Pauline, Mario’s love interest, and Toad, the loyal assistant of Mario. Additionally, several more characters take the stage together with Mario and his gang. The intriguing character cast flourishes the gameplay and keeps the players captivated throughout the whole playthrough. Generally, in Mario games, the characters make space for themselves, even if they don’t purposefully have any role.

If players are desperate to unlock new characters, they need to progress through extra levels. The video game features up to 16 extra levels and seven plus levels. These levels are your gateway to unlocking additional content of the video game.

Critics and Gamers Rating Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is one of a few critically acclaimed video games on Nintendo Switch. Whether it’s newcomers or returning fans, gamers have positive thoughts about the video game. Furthermore, the gameplay is being polished to meet the requirements, with every new update, there’s something new to immerse in. That’s the reason the internet loves this video game, since its initial release the video game has escalated fair reviews. On Metacritic, the Metascore is 76, while the user score is 7.1. Which is sufficient to convince a gamer to play this game. Moreover, the local and digital video game stores rate Mario vs. Donkey Kong about the same as Metacritic, which is average score for this video game.

Conclusion: Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake Review

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is an enthralling adventure on Switch that pays homage to its roots while adding some modern touches. The video game pans its attention to customer satisfaction, with the idea of not letting any mishaps occur. But as a customer, do you think it fulfills your bucket? Let us know in the comments.

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