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SMITE 20 Million Players PS4 Event + Free Bellona and Skin

Free Bellona

Playstation 4 players are about to get hit with an event for SMITE, starting from the 3rd of June to 6th of June. This event is to celebrate 20 million players on SMITE. The reward is 50 gems for completing 3 First Wins of the Day. That is 50 gems per win totaling 150 gems!

In addition, if you haven’t gotten Bellona yet (either from using favor points or buying the founders pack), you can use the code #20MILLION to receive free Bellona and her Battle Maiden skin! So if you haven’t already signed up to go, go to Events – All – Smite.

To redeem the code, select the SMITE app, go the Rewards and scroll over to Redeem Codes.

Remember this is a limited time event so make sure you sign up,  participate and get your Free Bellona!



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  1. Very odd! Because it clearly states in the event that you get Bellona + Battle Maiden skin. I’m wondering if she won’t be gotten until the 3rd when the event officially starts? Meanwhile I’ll see if I can find any information regarding this!

  2. Strange, it unlocked Bellona’s skin, but instead of unlocking her, it unlocked Thor…

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