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Skyscrappers – Platformer fighter hybrid announced for Xbox One and PS4



Groundshatter has announced an upcoming four player brawler heading to Xbox One and PS4 this year. Following a formula not dissimilar from SpeedRunners it features four players all competing to remain on screen, the difference is that the battle takes place on a collapsing building. Whilst jumping between sections you will also have to be vigilant of enemy players attacking you.

Unlike most modern releases Skyscrappers multiplayer is exclusive to local play, there will also be a single player mode as well.

In the gameplay video released we are introduced to four playable characters; Phileas, Kichirou, Solene and Jessica. All have their own weapons and unique style.

If you are a fan of quick competitive action with friends then this will be the game for you. Check out the gameplay video below.

Are you excited for Skyscrappers game? Could this be Xbox and PS4’s very own Smash Brothers? Let me know in the comments below.

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