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Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Launches Today

The closed beta for the newest instalment in the critically acclaimed first-person tactical shooter series starts today.

Developer Ubisoft Montreal are aiming to bring to the table a polished product when Rainbow Six Siege releases later this year and further beta tests will ensure that the game’s servers are able to handle the load come release day, saying on their dev blog:

“The main objective of the Closed Beta is to test the online infrastructure & matchmaking with the largest number of players we’ve had in the game to date. Please keep in mind that while we are seeing positive results from the technical test from the last few days, you will, at times, experience some connectivity and matchmaking problems. This is expected, and you’re helping us test these things so we know what we needs to be fixed to provide the best possible experience when the game launches. Thank you for your patience with this. Known issues, emergency outages, and server maintenance times will all be communicated on the official forums and subreddit so please pay attention to those places for the latest info.”

They go on to say that they’ll be letting beta participants into the action in waves, giving them to the opportunity to test server stability. Community feedback is a major part of beta testing and Ubisoft Montreal will be paying very close attention to what gamers have to say about their experience.

The closed beta will run through to 28th September, with Rainbow Six Siege set to release on 1st December 2015.

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