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One App To Unite All PC Game Clients Coming This Fall

Project Ascension

Project Ascension

The app is called Project Ascension that aims to unify all other PC game clients including the business’ title holder, Steam and others like EA’s Origin and Ubisoft’s uPlay. Project Ascension is developed by 18 volunteer members and they are doing their best to launch a Beta phase of the app this Fall.

“Project Ascension is an open-source launcher made by the community, for the community. We are not attempting to replace any other pre-existing launchers or programs, such as Steam, Origin, uPlay, etc. We are promoting competition through the unification of multiple storefronts, ultimately making it better for you, the consumer.”

“Project Ascension is an open-source launcher and all of the in-development code is available for viewing and compiling at any time on our GitHub. An open-beta is scheduled to be held in Fall 2015, meaning everybody will be able to download a beta version of the launcher, test it, and report bugs.”

They also published a short video featuring how the UI looks and works so far.

I am excited to see this app published since it will make the lives of many PC gamers so much easier. Uniting all the game clients under one roof, as they put it, will save a lot of time and help gamers find the best deals on their desired game.

Tell us what you think of this app and if you will try it out when it launches.

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