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Old School RuneScape’s Darkmeyer expansion caused a world of problems


Yesterday Jagex Studios launched its latest expansion to Old School RuneScape. The long-awaited addition of Canifis’ capital city, Darkmeyer, went live after first being teased over two years ago. Despite fans being happy on the whole, it’s fair to say it caused a world of problems

After the update dropped Jagex had to make ten separate smaller game updates to amend various issues. These started as early as 10:30 in the morning and continued until 5 o’clock in the evening. Thankfully, after seven hours of hard work, Jagex finally cleaned everything up and left players to enjoy the expansion.

What went wrong with Darkmeyer?

In Jagex’s defence, Darkmeyer is a huge update and some hiccups should be expected on the way. However, I doubt anyone could have foreseen how many problems would arise. Most notably, the developer had to rollback Old School RuneScape’s servers three hours due to an issue with players’ saved games. As of writing this, Jagex hasn’t specified exactly what went so wrong initially.

Despite its best effort to reopen the servers around 2 o’clock, most players still couldn’t access the game. Three hours later Jagex finally managed to amend the core issues and send players on their way. Still, the constant delays preventing players from checking out Darkmeyer were frustrating.

Unsurprisingly, Old School RuneScape’s rendition of Darkmeyer is heavily inspired by the existing RuneScape 3 equivalent. It even goes so far as to introduce the Blood Shard, an existing item in RuneScape 3 used to change the effects of various amulets.

Despite being officially teased in 2018, the first reference to Darkmeyer in RuneScape lore dates way back to 2006. Was it worth the fourteen-year wait? That’s debatable but for most players, they’ll just be happy to get stuck into some new content.

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