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Naughty Dog details development process of Left Behind, teases new DLC

Naughty Dog

Over the weekend, Naughty Dog released a new documentary on the making of The Last Of Us: Left Behind, detailing the creative process for the much revered expansion.

While this documentary is around the ten minute mark, it is similar to ‘Grounded’, the making of documentary Naughty Dog released with the season pass. It’s also worth noting that the video spoils much of Left Behind and the original game, so watchat your own risk.

What’s more, Naughty Dog also mentioned a new difficulty mode for The Last Of Us and details on the final DLC drop. While no details were mentioned as of yet, I expect that this new difficulty setting will be even more challenging than Survivor mode, which was already brutal to say the least.

“It is chock full of multiplayer goodness with new maps, new weapons, new skills, and also a brand new difficulty mode for the single player campaign.”

The Last Of Us was a very fun and intense multiplayer experience, though it had a few setbacks that took away from any potential longevity it could’ve offered. The game featured only a few weapons, six maps, and two game modes, so it was very easy to get tired of the repetition. Naughty Dog did release a DLC pack containing four new maps and a new game-mode, but we were never offered more weapons or skills, so this should be the DLC we’ve been itching for.

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