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Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation has controversial exclusive features

modern warfare 2 playstation exclusive content confirmed

As is tradition with Call of Duty these days, Modern Warfare 2 has some platform exclusive features. More specifically, those playing Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation gain access to five different exclusive benefits. These benefits vary from small conveniences to controversial game changers.

Two of the less impactful features are the Battle Pass Bundle Bonus and Combat Packs. The Battle Pass bonuses only apply to PlayStation owners that purchase the Battle Pass Bundle. In this scenario you will gain an additional 5 tier skips over other platforms. Meanwhile the Combat Packs give PlayStation Plus members a handful of exclusive cosmetics.

Beyond that that the benefits begin to get more controversial. PlayStation users benefit from exclusive experience bonuses when playing Modern Warfare 2. This includes exclusive monthly Double XP events and a 25% bonus to weapon XP when partied up with other players. Although this experience boost applies to all party members even if the other members aren’t on PlayStation.

However, the exclusive benefit that has bothered the community most is the extra loadouts. PlayStation users gain access to an additional two loadout slots as soon as they reach level four. This means that PlayStation players have twelve custom classes rather than the standard ten. There is no current method to earn or purchase additional classes on any other platform.

This won’t be the case forever

modern warfare 2 playstation exclusiv

PlayStation users having exclusive benefits in Modern Warfare 2 and its predecessors has been a thing for a while. The first Call of Duty to have PlayStation exclusive features was Black Ops 3. Before this Xbox actually had exclusive features instead with DLC coming to Xbox consoles early.

With Microsoft in the process of buying Activision Blizzard a return to the past looks likely. Call of Duty probably won’t become an Xbox exclusive but Xbox players might begin to see exclusive features show up. That won’t be the case for a little while though as PlayStation’s deal is thought to last until at least 2023.

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