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Mass Effect 4: BioWare Can’t Wait to Get the Series Back


BioWare studio director, Yanick Roy, has recently apologized for the lack of information on the next Mass Effect and game master, Aaryn Flynn, ensured that BioWare can’t wait to bring back the Mass Effect universe. Apparently, the information shortage is due to a focus decision, as Roy stated:

@Yanick Roy: I apologize for not having any new info on the next Mass Effect for you. It’s because our focus is on doing it right over doing it fast! 🙂

Quality seems to be BioWare’s priority right now, so it’s natural that basically no information is being released. Until the development process becomes more steady and solid, it’s unlikely that mysterious leaks will come by. Anyhow, one thing is for sure – the next Mass Effect is not forgotten and the will to return is immense:

@Aaryn Flynn: Two years to the day since we launched Mass Effect 3. Time flies. Can’t wait to get everyone back to that universe.

But even if the developing process is going smoothly, you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself because there’s still a lot of work to do and a long period of restless waiting, since the fourth game shouldn’t reach the gaming markets before 2015.



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  1. Hopefully they won’t ruin it with a lame ending cut straight from the original Deus Ex (red/blue/green Destroy AI/Control AI/merge with AI) that’s hamfisted in at the last minute.

    Can’t say I’m particularly excited anymore after the awful way ME3 was handled.

  2. Still hoping for a DLC2 for the ME3 ending but that’s not happening so the Citadel DLC is the ending for me. They really need to make the game well written with a good ending. I’ll be curious how sales will go since so many still feel burned after the last game.

  3. I really like the Mass Effect franchise! And I am looking forward too play Mass Effect 4 when it is in store.

    And personally I think mass effect 3 was a great game 😀

    Good luck BioWare Montreal!

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