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Thief: How to Make Money


Thief is revolutionizing the stealth genre with a mysterious and thrilling adventure. But as every thief, Garrett can’t resist a good catch or in this case, a good robbery. Even if he doesn’t need it, he wants it for himself simply because it’s delightful. Making money in Thief is not a hard task, however there are several methods that can generate huge amounts of cash and turn you into one of the richest thieves in game. Find out about all the profitable ways to make money without tricks or complications.

  1. Main/Story Missions

Completing main missions is the standard way to get decent amounts of money at once. While going through your storyline, there’s no other way around but to work on the main missions. The good side is that you get paid for doing them.

2. Side Jobs

Side jobs are secondary quests that offer challenging missions with exceptional rewards. You can sign up for side jobs with Basso, located at the Stonemarket. This kind of missions can be done at any point in the game.

Thief 20143. Looting Bodies

In Thief, you generally don’t have to kill your enemies but that doesn’t mean you can’t loot their unconscious bodies. Picking up the few coins from each opponent might seem meaningless but at a medium-long period, it turns out to be more than worthwhile.

4. Collecting Expensive Objects

If you don’t want to look out for hidden objects, at least keep an eye on the shiny ones, since they’re worth a lot. Finding an expensive object is sometimes better than finding 10 normal ones.

5. Finding Lost Coins and Wallets

Coins and wallets are normally small and unnoticeable, thus harder to see in the shadows of the night. For some reason they are quite common and you can make a lot of money by collecting all the lost money around the streets.

Thief 20146. Pick-up Chest Lockets and Safes

Picking-up locks starts by being easy but as you progress, it becomes harder and harder but despite this fact, you should never ignore them. The difficulty might increase but so does the reward value. You never know what might be behind that tricky lock.

7. Exploring The City

Exploration plays a big importance in making money. While going between main or side quests, Garrett will have the chance to explore The City and infiltrate random buildings. Inside you can usually find valuable items, either visible or hiding somewhere.

thief_screenshot_the_bank_heist_018. Stealing Enemy Supplies

During all type of quests, you can always sneak out and steal enemy’s supplies that are generally placed nearby. Furthermore, you can either use or sell them for some cash.

9. Selling Extra Resources

Another minor way to make money is by selling resources that you don’t need. Garrett has many weapons and ammunitions and some players don’t use all of them, so selling unwanted goods is never a bad option.

10. Exploiting Bugs and Glitches

If playing righteous is not enough for you, then you can always exploit bugs and glitches in order to get rich in a blink of an eye. The most famous known glitch is the story mission repeatability, where you can receive the final cash reward unlimited times. Read about it here.

And these are 10 easy ways to make money in Thief. Do you have other suggestions?


  • Ryan
    Posted March 12, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Worst game ever how can u even spend time writing this. This game deserves no press. Let it die. They need never make another.

    • Kenny
      Posted August 24, 2014 at 4:19 am

      What???? Is one of the best game ever!!

      If you dont like, go play pokemon. What on earth you go around reading about the game and wasting time writing about it, if you hate it??? You criticize Marta Branco for writting about it, but you are doing THE SAME?! At least she likes it! Oo

      12 year old detected.

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