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Warframe: The Jordas Golem

The Jordas Golem is the final part of the Jordas Precept mission that came with patch 17.7.1 for the PlayStation 4 Xbox 1, and and an assassination target that is fought in an Archwing. Make sure that you have your Archwing otherwise you will not be able to join or complete the mission! The mission is located on Eris in Naeglar and is level 32-34.

There are two parts to this mission, one part is in a ship where you head towards the target location and fight a Juggernaut. Once you defeat the Juggernaut, the second part of the mission starts in which you’re flung outside and come face to face with the Jordas Golem.

This guy can be pretty tough for those who aren’t prepared.

He attacks with a beam that hits a random target, when he’s moving to the opposite side of the arena he will hit you if you get in the way. He’ll also throw electricity balls that deal electricity damage. The worst attack, and least used, is a fire wave. This extends outwards and does fire damage. Once you see it, it’s best to ignore everything and fly away using your boosters. Because it’s a high damage attack, it’s generally what kills most people.

Not only does he attack but he has minions flying around that will constantly attack and constantly spawn in.

Now, how to defeat him? You’ll notice that attached to the back of Jordas is a metal pack. This is what you want to shoot. Getting behind him allows you to shoot the pack without being hit by his laser beam. Having damage mods on your weapons as well as corrosive projection does help here as Jordas is a bullet sponge. My Archwing isn’t exactly high level, it’s only level 24, but I do have Rudebo-Line Barrel mod and Parralax Scope mod which is extra damage and critical chance respectively.

If you’re not doing that much damage, it’s okay. It becomes a slow and steady sort of fight which means do damage when you can, and don’t take much risk. If doing more damage, then obviously you’ll kill him faster so less chance of taking risks.

Jordas Golem drops the Atlas Warframe parts while doing the Jordas Precept quest gets you the Atlas Warframe blueprints.

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