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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Announced

The Legend of Zelda series has seen its fair share of graphic novels in the past, with adaptations of Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and The Minish Cap to name a few.  A new manga adaptation of the series was teased by Akira Himekawa on his Twitter back in July of 2015, and he recently confirmed on his blog that it will be based on the Gamecube/Wii game Twilight Princess.  It is planned for a digital release on the app Manga One.  Whether or not there will ever be a physical release or if the manga will receive any level of international release is currently unknown.  The adaptation was originally planned to be released last summer shortly after the initial tease, but complications held it back until this year.  Given that it will now coincide with the release of Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U, I doubt anyone is complaining.

Twilight Princess boasts the darkest artstyle in the series and seeing how Himekawa captures it should certainly be interesting.  In fact, Twilight Princess is the reason the previous run of Zelda manga was cancelled.  Twilight Princess received a CERO B age rating in Japan, roughly the equivalent of ESRB T or PEGI 12, and the magazine that the previous Zelda manga was published in, Gakunenshi, aims at younger readers.

The release of the Twilight Princess manga wasn’t the only announcement Himekawa made.  He also announced that all ten of the previous Zelda manga volumes will be rereleased in a single collection.  This Perfect Edition will also include an additional five volumes of unreleased content.  Have you read any of the previous Zelda manga?  What do you hope to see with the Twilight Princess manga?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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