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Heroes Of The Storm Event the Eternal Conflict Is Live

Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm, previously known as Blizzard All-Stars, gets a new in-game event kicked off titled the Eternal Conflict which is themed around Diablo. The event introduces  a new playable character and a new map called Battlefield of Eternity map. The new character is called the Butcher who is well-known in the Diablo universe. He won’t be the only new character this patch brings as in the near future The Skeleton King and the Monk.

The heavily Diablo-themed patch isn’t at all surprising since a recent press event at Blizzard HQ done by Heroes of the Storm game director Dustin Browder along with Alan Dabiri, technical director of the game detailed their plans on bringing this new Diablo content including characters, maps and skins to certain angels and villains.

“This is something the players have been asking for,” added Dabiri “Up until now, we’ve had all these different battlegrounds, but they haven’t been in our Blizzard universe. This is the first opportunity for players to see one of their favorite game worlds… and we’ll keep doing that.”

The map is inspired by Diablo III and is split into two lanes where each team fights to protect a giant NPC that its main objective is to destroy the enemy’s base which also has a giant NPC of their own. The map is split into parts, Heaven and Hell and the NPCs will fight each other in the center of the map which according to Alan is the peak of the gameplay session.

“There are a lot of different decisions you have to make,” Dabiri said. “Some of the other battlegrounds, they have map objectives that the goal is to bring you together and have a team fight. But for the most part there’s really just one pivot on it. When the Immortals spawn, you either try to DPS down the enemy’s immortal, or say, ‘Let’s defend our Immortal.’ Or ‘Let’s try to take out the enemy team.’ Or stay in lane, and push while everyone else is fighting. Each of them has a different advantage or disadvantage.”

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