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FIFA 23: Top Alternate Players

FIFA 23 Top Alternate Players

Alternative positions are an important novelty of FIFA 23. Universal football players now play on different parts of the field not only in career mode but in the Ultimate Team.

However, it is worth remembering that it will be extremely difficult for you to get the best players if you do not have enough coins – the main in-game currency in FIFA 23. It is not easy to get them, you need to play at a high level. Therefore, often players turn to sites like this to buy coins to speed up the process of creating a dream team and occupy top positions in the ratings. After all, everything is cyclical – the more victories, the higher the ratings, the more significant the rewards – and, accordingly, the more good players a player can afford.

We found 13 interesting players with the most unusual positions in FUT.

Joao Cancelo (Man City)

Possible positions: LB, LWB, RB.

Joao Cancelo is the best fullback in FIFA 23, but this is not the only advantage of a City player. Last season, the Portuguese played a lot on the left, so he got both flanking positions. A very convenient chip that will be useful for special Joau cards with improved speed.

Moussa Diaby (Bayer)

Possible positions: RM, LM, RW, LW.

There are a lot of wingers in the game who are suitable for two flanks. Moussa Diaby’s trick is four flanking positions in attack and midfield at once. The Frenchman is suitable for almost all wide schemes, so he is very popular among players.

Marcos Llorente (Atletico)

Possible positions: CM, RB, RM.

Marcos Llorente’s card was cut, but he was left with a met speed. The versatile Spaniard is an ideal central midfielder, but on occasion, he will come in handy on the flank. EA’s indecision is surprising: Llorente played in the attack and support zone but did not get these positions in the game.

Sergio Canales (Betis)

Possible positions: RM, CM, LM, RW.

Sergio Canales has revived his career at Betis. It has received several performance upgrades and seems to have peaked. Sergio looks solid on the flanks, but we recommend putting him in the center of the field. Canales perfectly accelerates attacks, and with the “Shadow,” he takes the ball well.

Thomas Lemar (Atletico)

Possible positions: CM, LM, RM.

For many years, Thomas Lemar was considered an average midfielder in FUT. After the transfer to the center, the Frenchman’s card became more interesting. Lemar lacks height and defensive skills, but good links and attacking characteristics attract newcomers.

Emre Can (Borussia D)

Possible positions: CM, CDM, CB.

Emre Can get one of the most coveted bundles of positions for tall midfielders with long acceleration. Excellent passes and long-range German strikes will help in the center of the field, and dribbling and smart passes will surprise in defense. That is why Can got into our meta selection.

Marc Cucurella (Chelsea)

Possible positions: LB, CB, LWB, LM.

Chelsea newcomer Mark Cucurella has been given three flanking roles, but the most interesting will be his transformation into a central defender. The Spaniard was in the top three defensive players of Brighton 10 times last season, so he got this unusual position. With a height of 172 cm, Cucurella is unlikely to help in a pair, but it looks like an interesting option in schemes with three TS.

Lucas Vazquez (Real Madrid)

Possible positions: RB, RWB, RW.

Lucas Vazquez started his career as a right winger. The competition in Real Madrid forced the Spaniard to play lower, but EA paid attention to this only now. In defense, Vazquez was more convincing. His strength is endurance and technical skills, and lightning speed is not needed here.

Combining the positions of defender and winger is a rare feature of Vazquez. Many attacking FIFA 23 edges are limited to PP and are not suitable for a number of popular schemes.

Lisandro Martinez (Man United)

Possible positions: CB, LB, CDM.

Lisandro Martinez gained a foothold at United and was remembered as an unyielding centerfielder, but during his career, he entered the field on the left and in the support zone. In FIFA, an Argentine will turn out to be an unimportant extreme defender, but in midfield, he looks even more interesting than in his native position.

Giovani Lo Celso (Villarreal)

Possible positions: CM, CAM, ST.

Giovani Lo Celso is a very versatile player. In the 2021/22 season, the Argentine played in six positions and hooked the attack, so do not be surprised by his scoring abilities. On the contrary, EA has underperformed: Lo Celso also earned the position of right midfielder.

Ridle Baku (Wolfsburg)

Possible positions: RM, RB, CM, RW.

Few people know Ridle Baku, but the Wolfsburg player is a real find for Ultimate Team newcomers. The German works out the entire right edge, except for the role of the lateral, and also becomes a central midfielder. With teamwork styles, he has adequate characteristics for all available positions.

Joelinton (Newcastle)

Possible positions: CM, ST.

Joelinton moved to Newcastle for 44 million euros, but did not become a scoring striker – he scored only 10 goals in three seasons of the Premier League. The coaching staff got out of the situation and transferred the powerful Brazilian to the midfield. Joelinton usually played in an attacking position, but EA put him in the center. Skipping two positions (CF and CAM) is a rarity for FUT.

Ruud Gullit

Possible positions: CM, CB, ST.

Ruud Gullit is a unique idol. His middle card received positions in three different zones: in the center of defense, midfield, and attack. EA has given Ore incredible characteristics with which he is dangerous on any stretch of the field, but players usually make him a midfielder. Gullit is the main goal of FIFA fans.

We hope that our selection will help you decide on the choice of players and succeed in FIFA 23. Check out the FIFA 23 World Cup Icons here.

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