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Dying Light: Leaked Version and Update Online

Dying Light

Dying Light will be available worldwide tomorrow with a few exceptions, Europe and Australia will receive the game one day later, on 28th January. However, this highly anticipated survival horror game from Warner Bros, whose release date has been rescheduled for several countries, has already been fully leaked and it’s currently online for download.

It seems that in some cases, it’s the pirates who have the upper hand in this war between publishers and those who want to play the games for free and we’re looking forward to seeing if there will be any reports on the scale of the leak. However, with other games being leaked online weeks before their release, It can be considered on the safe side here.

The launch trailer released today served as a reminder that it won’t be just another zombie-theme video game. With over 50 awards and nominations, this apocalyptic title will introduce total freedom in a chaotic open world overrun by a vicious outbreak. The game was previously postponed a few months due to quality assurance. Despite all that, the complete game and also an update have just been leaked today. There is currently no working crack for Dying Light but that shouldn’t take too long according to crackers.

it will be released on Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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