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Best Fallout 4 Characters to Play as: Terminator, Vin Diesel, Vladimir Putin Saves and More

best fallout character

I spent over six hours trying to create a Fallout 4 character that looks exactly like me, but I failed completely. It was horrible (maybe because I am horrible, who knows?) Well, other people were not so unlucky. There are some really skilled players out there – at least when it comes to creating Fallout 4 characters that look exactly like movie stars, famous people and even famous characters from other games. Who thought that it’s possible to play Fallout 4 like the T-800 Terminator (and that’s an amazing character to play as!), Vladimir Putin, Sylvester Stallone or even Barack Obama? Well, the options are endless thanks to the in-depth face editor, and if you want to play as a celebrity, we’ve got you covered: here are the best Fallout 4 characters created so far you can play as.

All you have to do is to download the save file and load it in your game: all these are saved before leaving Vault 111 (while some also offer saves later on in the game) so you can change the Specials if you don’t like them. But with such amazing characters, the world will be at your feet anyway. So let’s check out and download the best characters to play as in Fallout 4!

1. The T-800 Terminator

best fallout 4 characters 01

It just can’t get any better than this! Play as Arnold Schwarzenegger, equip a shotgun (or, even better, a minigun) and have fun! This is one of my favorite characters in Fallout 4 and it looks exactly like the Terminator. Click here to download for free.

2. Big Boss – Venom Snake

best fallout 4 characters 02

It is missing the eye patch, but I am sure that some other modder will take care of that. If you want a bit of MGS vibes in your game, download this here.

3. Vin Diesel

best fallout 4 characters 03

Play as Vin Diesel and rule the Commonwealth with this great replica of the man himself. All he needs now is to make the Lone Wandered motorcycle work and it will be flawless. Even without it, it should be pretty nice to play Fallout 4 as Vin Diesel and you can do so by downloading the character here.

4. Trevor Philips

best fallout 4 characters 04

If you want a crazy dude roaming the Commonwealth and doing all sorts of crazy stuff, you can as well go for Trevor’s persona. Download the character here.

5. Taylor Swift

best fallout 4 characters 05

She isn’t, probably, the best person to send out to take out super mutants and legendary raiders, but she sure is great to look at, so if you want the tiny blonde girl as a Fallout 4 character, you have the chance to turn her into a legend in the Commonwealth too! Get the save game here.

6. Vladimir Putin

best fallout 4 characters 06

You don’t have to learn Russian to play as Putin in Fallout 4. You can’t even change his stats, because there can be only one and one alone. Click here to download the Fallout 4 save file and play as Vladimir Putin!

7. Barack Obama

best fallout 4 characters 07

If you prefer the other side of the coin, then you can play as Barack Obama as well. People won’t recognize you as their president, but maybe you can help them change their mind! Check out the save game here and play as President Obama right away.

8. Sylvester Stallone

best fallout 4 characters 08

It’s back to action hero superstars, because they work best in Fallout 4. If you don’t want to be the Terminator, then you might want to play as Stallone. Save file even includes a military cap, fatigues, leather chest straps, sunglasses, and an assault rifle with 100 rounds. Great way to start the game, so click here to download it.

9. James Bond

best fallout 4 characters 09

It looks like Daniel Craig after an unsuccessful plastic surgery, that’s true, but nothing to worry about. We still have double-o seven here and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding some gadgets for him to use in the Commonwealth and a Piper or a Cait to turn into the next Bond Lady. Download the character save file here.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

best fallout 4 characters 10

The lady’s used with Hunger games and she proved that she’s not one to shy away from having sticky goo on her face, so she’s the perfect fit for the bad things awaiting for her in the Commonwealth. Plus, she will have no objections about earning more caps than a male character would… so download her here.

Bonus: Abraham Lincoln

best fallout 4 characters 11

The guy took a long walk all the way from the Washington wasteland to Boston, but he’s here to save the day. It’s history in the making by a man who made history. Great for a bonus character, so click here to download the Fallout 4 save file and play as Mr. Lincoln.

This is it. Great options and obviously amazingly designed characters. Which one will you pick for your next adventure in the Commonwealth?

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