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Best Coaches in Football Manager 2015 (Free to Get)

football manager 2015 best free coaches

Football Manager

There is just one thing that I like more than worldclass coaches in Football Manager 2015: FREE world class coaches! And this is exactly what I have for you – a list of amazing coaches (most of them will give you 4-5 stars in their preferred training categories) that you can get for free. Don’t forget to also check out our FM 2015 wonderkids list.

Coaches are extremely important in Football Manager 2015 and with tight budgets to spend on great players, you will surely love to spend as little as possible on your coaching team. As I said, we’ve got you covered, so check out below my list of the best coaches in Football Manager 2015 that are unattached to any club:

Joe Corriga – he might want a Fitness Coach job, but don’t do that! He’s got 4.5 stars on Shot Stopping

Rodolfo Borell – an overall great coach

Bobby Mimms – offer him a contract based on what you need. He’s got 4.5 stars in GK training, but also in Tactics & Ball Control

Damian Roden – 5 stars in Fitness

Steve Clarke – 4 stars defensive coach (might want Assistant Manager job, though)

Marcos Fernando – 5 stars in Fitness training

Jose Nagel de Melo – 4.5 stars in GK categories

Paulo Paixao – 5 stars in fitness, but if you don’t need that, he’s also a solid 4.5 stars in Ball Control

So far, these are the best free coaches that I found in Football Manager 2015. If you want me to expand the list with some other great coaches that are attached to a club, let me know I will do the research! Or maybe you can share your coaches list with us below!

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