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Behold! Over 35 Minutes Of Glorious Witcher 3 Gameplay


The Witcher 3 had but a tease at Gamescom, showing only mere minutes of one particular side quest. It left many wanting more, especially when the scale of the game is considered. It’s my pleasure then, to deliver you a whopping 35 minute video containing the most extensive look into The Witcher 3 that we’ve had as of yet.

Grab a soft drink, sit back, relax, and enjoy the mesmerizing world of The Wicther in all of it’s glory in the video below. It’s better than most movies released these days, anyway!

What surprises me most about this game is not all of it’s mechanical upgrades or large world, but the apparent consistency and depth that we’re being offered here. The towns feel alive and have a sense of purpose, the citizens and various NPCs real and full of character, and the world is so lush and beautiful that it’s almost shocking how the game can keep a solid frame rate.



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