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Complete List of Sims 4 Features that We Didn’t Have in The Sims 3


With the launch of The Sims 4 getting closer and closer, we’re ready to share with you all the amazing things that we’ll be able to do or experience, things that are new compared to The Sims 3. There is an apparently endless thread over at the official Sims forums dedicated to just new features and mechanics, and we’re listing them all in one place for the amazement of The Sims fans all over the world.

So without further ado, let’s check out the list of Sims 4 features that we didn’t have in The Sims 3!

Create a Sim:
– Ability to change the size and shape of just about any Sim body part/area
– The bro trait
– Hats can be used with any hair style
– Boots go over and under pants leg
– Walk styles
– Aspirations now have specific traits attached to them.
– Children can now have Aspirations specific to them.
– Sims can have five outfits now instead of three per category
– Improved randomization function (randomize just skin tone, hair color, body type, etc etc)
– Search function/filters to search for certain colors/materials
– With the genetics system players can now create children based on only one person.
– With the genetics system players can now create siblings and parents
– You can now make YA siblings with teens and children in CAS
– Sims can wear leggings under skirts and shorts now.
– Hoodies that actually cover the Sims head

Pregnancy and Babies:
– Any outfit can be worn as maternity wear.
– Pregnancy tests
– Unexpected pregnancy lengths
– Maternity leave is not mandatory
– Pregnancy comes in different shapes and sizes depending on your Sim’s body type
– Bassinets no longer required to give birth at home.
– When your sim is in labor they are still playable. They can watch tv, interact with other sims, ect
– Siblings can feel “Sad” from new siblings being born
– With the genetics system, children can now inherit a blended skin tone from their parents.
– Your Sim now has different needs and emotions when they are pregnant.
– Breastfeeding

Sim life:
– Video gaming skill
– Programming skill
– Rocket science skill
– Comedian job
– Enhanced emotions
– Romance bar
– Multitasking
– Enhanced group social interactions
– Ability to write books that affect emotions
– Ability to resurrect a sim with a book you have written
– Gourmet cooking skill
– Can order more than one type of pizza
– Woodworking skill
– Assigning roles to Sims during parties
– You can make useable and decorative objects out of wood (musical instruments, furniture, plumbing, statues)
– Ability to have all aspirations
– Ability to keep progress in one aspiration when you change to another
– Improved aspirations (more detailed than just family or knowledge)
– Photo bombs
– 3 new ways to die; dying of hysterical laughter, dying of being enraged, dying of being mortified
– Paintings and objects affect Sim’s emotions
– You can bake birthday cakes
– Mentors
– Different types of Showers that affect emotions
– Sim can get writers block
– Sims can now read skill books beyond their level but become confused doing so
– Sim can now choose to keep a book they write without publishing it
– Sims skilled in writing can write love email
– Sims can write screnplays, jokes, violin music, guitar music, piano music to sell for money
– Sims can now self publish their books
– New career: Tech Guru
– Ask about Woo Hoo/Birds and Bees talk
– Enhanced WooHoo!!!! (decreased hygiene from engaging in it, “unsatisfying” woohoo, etc)
– Sims can now purchase/earn more traits
– All clothing will be available for any category
– Can do push-ups and sit-ups on the ground
– Sims talk while sleeping
– Teens can babysit

Build mode:
– Ability to move entire rooms and house
– Wall heights
– Cheat that allows you to change sizes of objects.
– Ability to move windows up and down a wall
– Curved roofs/more dynamic roof options
– Different color roofs on same lot
– The ability to place columns in fences\walls without a cheat
– Topiary bushes
– TVs can be placed on flat surfaces
– Windows can be added to an entire room at once
– Curved fences
– Spandrels
– Friezes
– Roof trim
– Add corbels to your porches
– Add a string course to the top of your exterior walls
– Curved foundations
– Awnings for Roof
– Enhanced foundation options (more looks, different heights, and more!)
– Fences can connect to your house (with a foundation)
– Gardening boxes
– Ability to edit every lot you visit

Buy mode:
– Cupcake making machine
– Rockets
– Chemistry lab for children
– Giant microscope
– Craft table for children
– Monkeybars
– Pirate Ship for Kids
– Ability to disable auto placement of counters so that you can pick the part

Quality of life features:
– Ability to play multiple households without losing relationships
– Improved pathing. (Sims no longer get stuck when trying to move through narrow spaces.)
– You can delete objects that your sim is currently using
– If you click on the book shelf, there will be categories to choose from, like: Romantic, Emotional, Skill, Children, Humor
– In game gallery
– Search function in Build/buy mode
– Enter build/buy mode from live mode on community lots.
– Ability to share individual rooms, not just homes and Sims
– From “manage worlds” you can go in and build on any lot, regardless of whether or not there is a sim family there in residence
– Mousing over Whims will tell you exactly what caused them to appear
– Auto save feature, WOOT!

– Genetic gardening
– Enhanced bills (more realistic and bigger penalties for not paying them like having water shut off)
– Being able to travel between towns
– Chimneys separate from fireplaces
– Mirrors have a true reflection
– Days have been confirmed to last longer so that you can get more things done in a game day
– Fires can pass through walls
– Capturing memories from screenshots; Sims reminisce and remember how they felt and can recognize Sims in them
– Curtains now move
– Water dripping animation on recently watered plants
– Gardener for public spaces
– Unlockable lots / areas
– The Townie Generator
– FreeRealEstate cheat
– Sims can write an excuse note action to get out of work (and school?)
– 12 new rewards
– Lights affect non-active floors
– Beds specifically made for children and teens that carry “Uncomfortable for adults” modifier
– Game will be more mod and CC friendly
– Up to 20 Sims per lot
– Cowplants have life cycles
– Cross-breeding of frogs
– Grim has a more in depth character now.
– Sims can use the rocketship to explore space and bring back stuff from outer space that they can’t get on Simsearth
– Cross-breeding of frogs
– Grim has a more in depth character now.
– Hidden Fantasy Neighbourhoods.
– Dynamic soundtrack.
– Sims can catch frogs at ponds.
– Unlockable areas with high skill levels.
– Sims can dig mounds to find fossils.
– Sprinklers inside houses put out fires.
– Collect MySims Statues from rocks
– New party gameplay with hosts, locations, mixologist (some parties) and rewards for parties. They will also now give you a status of your party and what to do to get that status.
– Can use gardening skill to grow flowers.

As you can see, there is indeed a ton of brand new, amazing and extremely exciting things that The Sims 4 will have extra compared to the previous installment. Also, all the features of The Sims 3 that weren’t available at launch, but were made available at a later date, will be present in the game. We also have a lot of throwback items coming from past versions of the Sims franchise, like:

– Open Venues
– Sims can fish at ponds
– Sims can adopt
– Variety of Sim voices
– Sims can rummage through trash cans
– Friendly, rude and friendly introductions
– Sims can heckle

Reasons to be excited? Of course, a ton! Thanks to the folks over at the official Sims forums for creating this great list showing us just how amazing and full of new features the upcoming Sims 4 will be!

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