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Xbox Puzzle Games: 5 Favorites You Should Start Playing Now

Xbox Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have grown into a diverse genre. They include trivia-based games and even shooters where you solve riddles or manipulate levers to advance. What’s certain is that puzzle enthusiasts have lots of options to explore. Here, we’re sharing the top 5 Xbox puzzle games. Our list is open to all types of puzzles. If a game challenges your mind and is well-made, it earns a spot on our list.

Best 5 Xbox Puzzle Games

1- Portal 2

The Portal series stands as an iconic puzzle game, and we wholeheartedly recommend trying it if you haven’t already. Portal 2, in particular, should be your top choice between the two.

This game uniquely challenges your thinking thanks to a special gun that lets you create linked transportation points. When you start, it’s quite easy to grasp the concept. You put one portal where you can’t reach and the other where you currently stand. Then, you simply step through the portal.

As you progress, the game gets trickier with new items you need, moving platforms, and menacing turrets taking aim at you. The second installment enhances the gameplay and mechanics and introduces a multiplayer mode with additional puzzles that demand teamwork from two players.

It’s not a lengthy game overall, but some puzzles might stump you for a while. For now, we can only wait and hope that Valve decides to continue this fantastic series with a third installment.

2- 12 Minutes

“12 Minutes” is an exclusive game for Microsoft, mainly following a narrative point-and-click adventure style. In this game, you step into the shoes of a man returning home after work to reunite with his wife. However, their evening takes an unexpected turn when a supposed police officer accuses your wife of murder. The unique twist is that the game unfolds in 12-minute cycles, constantly resetting. With each restart, you can make different decisions and explore alternative paths to unearth crucial information. Your goal is to ultimately unravel the mystery, achieved through diverse dialogue choices and interactions with your surroundings. This will lead you to the answers needed to break free from the never-ending loop.

3- What Remains of Edith Finch

When players seek a new walking simulator adventure, ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ often tops the list. It’s concise and boasts unique gameplay and gripping stories. In the game, you step into the past, exploring the Finch family’s old home. Each room reveals the final memories of a family member, shedding light on their demise.

Gameplay changes for each family member—sometimes you become animals in the open world, hunting or playing as a child, perfecting a swing set flip. It’s a relaxed experience; you can take your time exploring and unlocking rooms. Each room’s flashback is brief, and then you’re back in the present, searching for the next.

4- Oxenfree

Night School Studios’ debut game, “Oxenfree,” was an indie gem with a captivating narrative that still earns high praise today. You play as Alex, a teenager on an eerie island with friends, where you uncover her connection to her recently deceased brother and the group’s secrets. The planned party becomes a spooky supernatural mystery, trapping them on the island. To escape, Alex must explore, dig into the past, and maybe change her friends’ lives.

Like “Life is Strange” and Telltale Games, there’s lots of dialogue and choices, some leading to different outcomes. Plus, there’s a unique puzzle aspect with Alex’s old radio, requiring players to tune into frequencies or play Ghostly Hangman to progress.

5- Telltale Games Line-up

Telltale Games created modern adventure classics. Instead of traditional point-and-click games, they gave players more control, letting them explore, interact, and shape the story. While I didn’t mention specific titles here, their gameplay remained consistent; the changes came in the form of new stories and worlds.

Many consider “The Walking Dead” their standout release, and you can still play it today. These games focus on storytelling and player choices, with plenty of puzzles to solve. So, you explore, gather items, and figure out how they fit into the game world.

The original Telltale Games closed, but a new team is reviving the company, planning a sequel to another fan-favorite, “The Wolf Among Us.”

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Xbox puzzle games. Don’t go just yet; we still have many great gaming guides and reviews:

FAQs about Xbox puzzle games

Can I play Xbox puzzle games on PC?

The Xbox app, a nifty Windows 10 tool, opens a door to your Xbox Live world. You can snag games, dive into your Xbox Live account, and enjoy mind-bending Xbox One puzzles right on your PC.

Can I play Xbox puzzle games on my phone?

Here’s the game plan to bring Xbox games to your phone through xCloud: First, lock in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Then, nab the Xbox Game Pass app on your Android or iPhone. Once you’re in, navigate to the Cloud tab in the app to see if your chosen puzzle game is up for streaming.

What is the most popular title among Xbox puzzle games?

ChromaGun steals the spotlight as the reigning champ of popularity. This Xbox game is all about cracking colorful puzzles. Your mission? Wield the mighty ChromaGun to blast vivid hues onto walls and those pesky floating Worker Droids, all in the name of solving mind-bending puzzles.

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