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Warframe: Last Chance for Trinity Prime Access Pack

Trinity Prime Access Pack and Trinity Prime Accessories Pack are going to be unavailable for purchase from the 9th of February!

For those that are unsure on what these packs hold, it’s the Trinity Prime warframe(no farming for the parts!), Kavasa Kubrow Prime collar and armor, Dual Kamas prime weapon, Naviga Prime Sugitra as well as some platinum.

Sounds pretty great! But for those that cannot afford to buy the pack, or are not willing to(it costs $109 for the access pack and $88 for the accessories pack for those in New Zealand), these items can still be farmed for normally. The only exception is Naviga Prime Sugitra which is simply a cosmetic for melee weapons. So don’t despair that you’ll be missing out on these items. The only time to really worry is when it’s time for them to be vaulted, but I’ll be sure to let you all know when that is coming up!

With the news of Trinity Prime Access pack being taken out, that means there is going to be another Prime Access pack. Word is that it’s going to be Saryn Prime but I haven’t heard any official word on that just yet. Once I do you can be sure that it’ll be here on VgamerZ!

In the meantime, good luck Tenno!

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