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Sword Art Online Re; Hollow Fragment First DLC Pack Released

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment has just had it’s first DLC pack released. It’s around 1.2MB for the PS4 and the best part? It’s free.

This DLC pack has all the DLC content from the original Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment game. What’s included in the DLC pack is the following:

6 challenging extra missions
5 treasure boxes which contain new items
3 character sets and info
7 new costumes

You can find the pack in store by searching for it. Both the search page and the game information page, the pack will be below it. It’s simply titled ‘DLC Pack.’

This means that items for builds that were unattainable, such as the assassin cape and belt for the Boss Executioner build, is now obtainable! Though right now I’m more curious to check out these extra missions!

Stay tuned for tips and guides that will be coming very soon!



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